10 Bollywood Female Celebrity After Shocking Plastic Surgery

| October 28, 2015

10 Transformation of Bollywood celebrity by Plastic surgery

The world is most beautiful place where everything aptly created by God but some people especially Bollywood celebrities aren’t consent from the natural beauty which granted by God that’s reason they altered their natural beauty of face and other body parts according their own silhouette by plastic surgery that execute by expert doctors or surgeons. Now a day, this knives & blades cut disaster is very popular and numerous Bollywood & Hollywood celebrity makeover their appreance by plastic surgery. Here, I accumulated top 10 Indian actress’ pictures in which you will see before & after plastic surgery shocking change that escalates the pretty admiring featuring glance of their body silhouette. Take a look!

1 Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

1 Aishwarya Plastic Surgery

No doubt, Indian beauty queen Aishwarya Rai has natural god gifted beauty especial eyes but she was has some flaws & chubby lips when she won Miss India Award that’s reason she had undergone plastic surgery into transform flawless facial look & slim lips job.

2 Kajol Devgan

2 kajol Plastic Surgery

Kajol Dengan is leading renowned Bollywood actress that appearend in numerous Hindi films with chief roles and also awarded by many awards and social media & government accolades but her dusky beauty was ever dilemma for her. She got rid from dusky appreance by skin whitening cosmetic surgery but she always miffed from this rumors report.

3 Kareena Kapoor

3 kareena kapoor Plastic Surgery

Kareena Kapoor is talented & good-looking Indian celebrity who well-liked by audience from her killing romantic acting skills. She many times had been undergone of plastic surgery for change balloon nose into pointed top nose and also did cheek implant from chubby into flat & breast augmentation from show hot sexy look. She always miffed these plastic surgery reports but her old & new pics visibly show difference in her appreance after plastic surgery.

4 Karishma Kapoor

4 karishma kapoor Plastic Surgery

Karishma Kapoor is well-known Indian film actress who spends long period with showbiz & now the mother of two children but never disregard her celebrity responsibilities like to attend social events, parties & other blissful celebrations with flawless glowing face. She had hidden her growing age & wrinkle face from plastic surgery & now looks teenage college girl despite of over 40 years.

5 Katrina Kaif

5 katrina kaif Plastic Surgery

Katrina Kaif enormously granted by natural beauty that seemed its initial modeling but we looked change in her appreance after London visits that her small nose & chubby flaunted lips makeover in amazing beauty with thin cheek & slim lips. She always looks gorgeous but its plastic surgery makes its demonstration more elegance & beauty.

6 Shruti Hassan

6 Shruti Hassan

Plastic Surgery frequently show disaster result but this treatment was successful & lucky for Shruti Hassan that brought amazing change after rhinoplasty & altered her fatty nose in slim pointed top nose.

7 Minissha Lamba

7 Minissha Lamba Plastic Surgery

By observing, we can clearly judge that Minissha Lamba did something with her nasal part which changed her bulbous nose in less-pointed top nose that’s reason now its nose looks slimmer and her facial appreance also exude gorgeous beauty.

8 Preity Zinta

8 Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery

This question repetitively comes in mind that 40 years old Indian actress Preity Zinta still looks commonly beauty without ant wrinkle & always glowing face expression. No doubt, she did cosmetic inventions to keep her sexy youth appreance more elegance & appealing. Probably, she brought change by eyelid surgery & facelift by Botox injections.

9 Priyanka Chopra

9 priyanka Plastic Surgery

Priyanka Chopra awarded in 2000 by Miss India due to her sexy beauty but increased her body silhouette by rhinoplasty, cheeks implant and fuller cupid bow lips. She said that plastic surgery increase confidence level and her old pictures clearly show difference after plastic surgery.

10 Anushka Sharma

10 Anushka ShARMA

Anushka Sharma has childish beauty with her cute face but she doesn’t like her bulky face that’s reason she faced of lips job and altered her facial enhancement by change her bulky lips into slimmer. You can see visible result in evident images.

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