10 Famous Celebrities Who Denied of Having Plastic Surgery

| April 27, 2015

Plastic surgery among the celebrities:

Celebrities are often done different things to change and improve their look. They use to take a change hairstyle or wearing different types of clothes t explore their unique look and to grab their attention of their fans. Burt for the change of their look and to improve their personality some celebrities go to extent of changing their facial and physic features. Different kinds of surgeries are common in celebrities. But they find reluctant to admit this act. Most of celebrities denied of having plastic surgeries after experience it. I want to disclose omer of those celebrities who denied of having surgery but strongly denied of it.

Aishwarya Rai plastic surgery:

1 aishwariya rai having plastic surgrey 1 Aishwarya-Rai -lip-implants-plastic-surgery

Ex beauty queen and miss world Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai has done several surgeries and her changed features can easily express this fact. Her most of photos are indicating her more pointed, thin and smaller nose and fuller lips.

Johansson denied to surgery:

2 johansson denied having plastic surgrey

It is said about the Hollywood actress Johansson that she has a physical surgery to make her breast appearance thin and smaller. But she denied experiencing surgery. According to her pinot of view she let her weight loose by special a technique that’s why her breast appearance is looking smaller. but most o people are still affirm that she has surgery for her breast shape and small look.

Kangana Ranawat plastic surgery:

3 kangana having plastic surgrey

Decent and elegant beauty of Bollywood Kangana Ranawat has nearly spoiled her appearance by a bad result of plastic surgery. Her lips are looking odd and ugly after taking plastic surgery.

Kate gosselin surgery:

4 kate gosselin denied plastic surgry

Kate Gosselin molther of eight has surprised the world by her latest appearance. Her accretive young emergence, pointed features and slim face are indicating towards her undergoing a knife. But she denied to having surgery along with comment that before people saw me at worst and now I have been alternatively changed.

Renne zellweger plastic surgery impact:

5 renee zellweger having plastic surgrey

Hollywood actress Renne Zellweger has changed her appearance by experiencing surgery. Her before and after appearance I photos is excellent evidence of its. See the conspicuous change of more pointed features and slim face.

Katrina kaif plastic surgery:

6 katrina kaif having plastic surgrey

Katrina kaif has also experienced surgery which is indicated from her before and after photos.  She was possessed long nose and small lips but in her most recent pictures she is owned fuller with all and more pointed nose. This amazing change has improved her beauty most inspiring but she is also reluctant to admit of having surgery.

Carla bruni have plastic surgery:

7 former-french-first-lady-carla-brunis-puffy having plstic surgrey

Carla Bruni French first lady has spoiled her beauty and facial features by different surgeries. Her latest unbearable and odd appearance is savior result of intense surgery.

Sameera Reddy plastic surgery:

8 sameer reddy having plastic surgrey

Sameera ruddy has sudden changed in her lip era. It is fuller than earlier but is denied of having any surgery. She and her close friends are explaining this reason by saying that she has let her weight loose and that why due to slimness of face her lips became fuller.

Shilpa Shetty plastic surgery:

9 shilpa having plastic surgrey

Charming and ideal personality of Bollywood Shilpa Shetty has also experienced different surgeries to attain admiring beauty of different facial features. Her fat nose was spot at her beauty but from surgery she has attain a beautiful thin nose.

Nene leakes plastic surgery:

10 hollywood actroess denied having plastic surgrey

Nene Leakes told about her cosmetic surgeries by correcting media which has the illusion that she experienced botox and facelift. She said that she thinks that she doesn’t feel any need of having botox o face lift. She also said that she is black woman with good genes.

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