10 Top Celebrities With Tattoos

| March 13, 2015

Celebrity’s stylish tattoos:

Tattoo is unique thing to explore style and classy taste, people ant to share their special believes, love and emotions which help of tattoo. In this post we are sharing some celebrity’s tattoo which is tremendously popular. In love, style and special feeling celebrities made these tattoos at different parts of their body. In artistic designs form, mythical characters images and meaningful phrases these tattoos are explore special concern of these celebrities. Let’s talk about these famous celebrities who are exploring their style through their magnificent tattoos.

Angelina jolie’s tattoos:

angelina jolie tattoos pics

In love for her ex husband, jolie made a stylish tattoo at her shoulder. After the couple divorce jolie removed the tattoo and replace it with coordinates of family’s birth location.

Megan fox tattoo at back:

celina jaitely tattoos

Beautiful Megan fox has literal quote from Shakespeare’s King Lear “well will at gilded butterflies” at her back shoulder.

Rihanna’s tattoo at her chest:

depika having tattoos

Stylish Rihanna has optimistic phrase in form of tattoo at her chest in backwards which she ca read in mirror. “Never failure always a lesson” is awesome line which Rihanna has at her chest.

Victoria Backham tattoo at Hebrew:

hayden panetti ere tatoos

Victoria Backham & David have same tattoos a their Hebrew which are saying
“I am my beloved’s and my belved is mine”

Deepika Padukone tattoos:


Charming Deepika has different tattoos specially one of that RK on the nap of her neck which she made when she was in relationship with Ranbeer Kapoor. She has also tattoo at her feet and fake tattoo at her waist in her item song “dum maro dum”

Celina jaitely tattoo at ring finger:

megan fox back tatoo

Celina jaitely made a name tattoo at her ring finger. This tattoo is expressing name of her husband. Its really romantic and loving.

Kangana Ranaut tattoo:


Kangna Ranaut has amazing tattoo at nap of her neck. This tattoo is exploring image of wings, sword and crown. It looks very arty and stylish

Mena Suvaris back tattoo:

rihanna's tatoo at chest

Beautiful Mena Suvaris has excellent tattoo at her back written in lion’s head. This tattoo has the words of “world sound power”

Hayden Panettiere tattoo:

sushmita sin tatoos

Hayden Panettiere also has stylish tattoo in Italian which says “live without regrets:
Thos stylish tattoo has wrong spels so actress chose to have ink removered.

Susmita Sen tattoo at wrist:

victoria tatoo at hebrew

Susmita have many tattoos at her boy parts one of most famous one is at her wrist, this tattoo is saying
“aut viam inveniam aut faciam” meaning that “ I will find a way or make my own way:

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