5 Celebrity Surgery Transformations Those Look Awkward

| February 27, 2015

Surgery transformation:

Often people want to achieve something extraordinary by crossing the limits of divine circle. God made every person beautiful naturally but along with different prominence if one lady has charming blue eyes other has beautiful hair, if one has long healthy hairs, other has excellent height. Every one has different beauty prominences. But some people want to attain perfect beauty.

If they find some inconsistency in their beauty they try to change it by risky sources as plastic surgery. Many talented and famous actresses and celebrities have done this thing with their appearance. Here we are sharing disaster consequences of transformations which have destroyed the elegance and charming beauty of many celebrities. Let’s briefly discuss catastrophic ends of surgery.

Anushka Sharma:

1 anushka sharma looks awkward

Anushka Sharma is fabulously elegant and charming beauty. She has all attractive looks with desire height, charming glowing skin, sparkling eyes and beautiful hairs. But she has spoiled her facial beauty by surgery. Her lip surgery has ruined her excellent look. She try to want perfect bur unluckily she has lost her natural elegant beauty now. This picture is indication towards bad consequence of surgery which has created big flaw in her facial beauty.

Donatella Versace:

2donatella_versace_looks awkward

Donatella Versace is talented owner of fashion brand Versace. She introduced fashion and magnificence in style. She was fetching but the hunger of more beauty insists her for risky surgeries. She has all sources and she used in her expansion of beauty by surgeries but money is not everything to find desired results.  Her case is excellent example of it her most of cosmetics and plastic surgeries have made her appearance worse and unbearable.

Michael Jackson:

3 Micheal Jackson looks awkwark after transformation'

Michael Jackson is one of most talented and famous celebrities of world. He was great pioneer of pop music. Greatly he was heartbeat of his infinite fans. He has blackish complexion and it seems that he was assumed that f his complexion will be bright people will love him more. So he took the risk of plastic and cosmetic surgery time and again. Finally he got fair skin but lost his sweet facial appearance which once he had. His surgeries leave poor effect on his features and his appearance became odd and weird.

Prinyanka Chopra:

4 Priyanka-Chopra-nose look awkward

Former miss world Priyanka Chopra has fine features and adorable beauty. But she was not satisfied with her sorry lips and nose. Many times she tried to transfer her facial feature’s look but can’t find desired result. Instead of betterment now the actresses face looks swollen and odd. All medical technology and research can’t do anything positive for Prinyanka and she can’t find what she want.

Rakhi Sawant:

5 rakhi sawant looks awkward

Rakhi is outspoken but was charming once. She has beautiful features with charming complexion. She looked nice when she remained quite. But her craze for extreme beauty and fashion ruined her natural beauty. Her facial surgery brought awfully poor consequence. The picture is indicated her odd and unbearable look which she found from facial surgery. All her features became eccentric and her appearance had badly injured.

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