5 top Leading Pakistani Actresses Without Makeup Picture

| January 5, 2016

Glamorous showbiz and makeup art:

Glamorous world showbiz is full lights, controversies, beauty and charm. Every face in showbiz is just like an ideal personality. Often we think that how much perfection celebrities have in beauty. Is it right or just an illusion? Lt’s discuss in this post. We see celebrities at screen and inspire from their beauty and charming elegance. We find them as flawless but in their immaculate exterior there must be some touch of artificiality. By using artificial beauty accessories and most significant touch of makeup, showbiz personalities are created flawless exterior.

Makeup and showbiz are crucial fort each other, both these things are vital and great assistance of each other. Talking in this regard here we are sharing some excellent pictures of some leading Pakistani celebrities without makeup. In these without makeup pictures, these celebrities are looking good but not as extraordinary beautiful as we see them at TV’s screen. The artistic rather magical touch of makeup can be assumed through these surprising pictures in which top leading Pakistani actresses are captured without glamorous touch of makeup.

Sanam Bloch without makeup:

1 different pakistani actress without makeup (4)

Sanam Bloch is cute and talented TV personality. She is brilliant host and excellent actress, I this shared picture you can examine the magical touch of makeup art by differentiating both without and with makeup pictures of Sanam Bloch.

Mawra & Urwa hocane sisters:

2 different pakistani actress without makeup (5)

Hocane sisters are enjoying a desired and excellent place in entertainment industry. Both are considered perfect actresses due to their flawless beauties and acting skills. But this picture is creating little bit different opinion regarding their perfect beauty statement.

Iman Ali:

3 different pakistani actress without makeup (6)
She is one of most beautiful women of Asia. No doubt she is stunning and elegant. Her attitude and beauty is amazing. She looks pretty without makeup but with makeup her looks became like diva and spotless. Definitely there is notable difference in her without and with makeup pictures.

Mewish Hayyat:

4 different pakistani actress without makeup (10)

She also stands among the fetching and sizzling Asian divas. She has desired height and excellent beauty features. Often her mesmeric beauty made us surprise. But she is also not as perfect as we see her with makeup. Her with and without makeup pictures are clearly defining this thing accurately.

Ayesha Omar

5 different pakistani actress without makeup (14)

Talented singer, host, model and actress Ayesha Omar stands among the most stylish and gorgeous beauties of Pakistan drama industry. She is stunning and fair we often see her appearance at TV and instantly inspired from her capturing beauty. But this shared picture is reflecting the magical touch of makeup n her screen appearance and causal look.

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