8 Luxury Wedding Outfits For Celebrity

| September 17, 2014

Luxury wedding attires

No doubt, that every girl has desire she will wear unique and exceptional wedding dress on the biggest day of life and give a lot of time after engaged for preparation and designing of this dress. Even those girls that are not engaged still they also see dreams about this day and it’s charming. Girl wears bridal dress once time so, they spend a lot of money for purchase superlative, exceptional and enchanting wedding dress.

Today, I am going to allocate alluring expensive and fabulous Western wedding outfits. Wedding outfits can be design with numerous patters according the religion, custom and culture. In Western countries, bridals wear white fairy and fantasy dresses that made with luxury imported fabrics and adorned with embroidery work, stunning lace work, fit flare design, shoulder less attires and body fitted outfits. Here, you can see luxury, fantasy, contemporary and fascinated Western bridal attires that are design by celebrity couturiers.

Victoria Beckham’ luxury wedding attire

1 amazing Most Expensive Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Victoria Beckham is one of most popular and gorgeous female celebrity that is a superlative model, talented fashion designer, successor business woman and beautiful voice singer. In this picture, you are seeing her most expensive celebrity wedding dress that design with luxury brightness taffeta fabric in shoulder straps, upper body fitted and huge bottom style. This taffeta exceptional wedding attire must lure modish girls.

 Mauro Adami embroidered wedding attire

2 Most Expensive Celebrity grey Wedding Dresses

This luxurious and fascination wedding attire is design by Italian admired fashion designer Mauro Adami that always exudes alluring and magnetism bridal outfits. This unique bridal dress features with platinum and silk fabric and decked with delicate embroidery from gorgeous neckline and bottom with exclusive style.

Expanded bottom bridal dress

3 Most Expensive Celebrity long Wedding Dresses

This is one of the best bridal dresses that created first time in the last year by inspiring the Duchess dress of the Grace Kelly. Silk and lace details that were utilize for featuring this luxurious dress. Bottom of this unique dress is expanded on the surface area with nine foot length that exudes elegant and royal look. Net veil enhances the magnificence of this alluring dress.

latest fit flare wedding outfit

4 Most Expensive Celebrity stylish Wedding Dresses

This is fantasy and dreamy wedding dress that design stunning lace and embroidered net fabrics. Upper part is sexy body fitted with huge expanded bottom. Exclusive net veil that spread on the floor with stunning embroidered hemline makes this gorgeous and fascination dress more alluring and exceptional.

Helen Rose wedding gown

5 Most Expensive Celebrity Wedding Dresses collection

This wedding gown has highly influence and magnetism designed by celebrity fashion designer Helen Rose. Created this bridal dress is detail by silk, taffeta silk and a unique Brussels rose-point lace.  Bodice fitted from chest looks more glamorous and expanded veil enhances the alluring of this luxurious dress.

Stunning lace bridal dress

6 nice Most Expensive Celebrity Wedding Dresses

In this picture, you are seeing fabulous and outstanding bridal dress that has extremely appealing and uniqueness. Upper part from chest area and full sleeves distinctly illustrated that entirely embellished with stunning lace detail and more beautify with pearls and chic buttons. Awesome princess tiara with draping net veil and embroidered hemline are augment the fascination of authentic bridal attire.

Unique bridal wedding garments

7 white Most Expensive Celebrity Wedding Dresses

This Western bridal attire created by fantasy and uniqueness pattern. Luxury taffeta silk with vet veil is designed with spreader bottom and veil. Net veil and taffeta bottom both are too much long and looks more stunning and gorgeous. Western bridals are inspired such alluring dresses.

Ruffling bottom bridal dress

8 wonderful Expensive Celebrity Wedding Dresses

This exclusive, expensive and exceptional bridal dress is design for smart and beautiful model Melania Knauss for her wedding ceremony. This costly dress decked with white duchess satin, embroidery work, rhinestones, crystals and pearls. Double layer ruffling bottom with huge expanded bottom looks glorious and adorable.

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