Aahista Aahista Drama Episode 8 Review

| July 22, 2014

This episode of drama serial Aahista Aahista begins with complains of Sofia with Zawar that he is modulating his behavior day by day. After came back from doctor’s clinic Sofia miss not even a single chance to hurt Haya with her words and no doubt she is treating Haya as a servant of house. And told her in clear words to leave my house, it’s enough and finds your own husband. It is clear from her words that she is not going to tolerate Haya in her house anymore.

Haya is really a scary and a sensitive girl who face a lot in her little life especially married life. And Zawar consecutively behaving selfishly and even insisting her to compromise with him for more time. But one good thing in all this matter that she found a new amazing friend. And the story of this episode is still and not up to the expectations. Haya called her Bee jan that she want to come back to Pakistan as she hardly misses her Pakistani life and family.

But the promo of next episode reveals some interest when Sofia told Zawar that Haya is going to leave our house and he is just shocked to hear it. But more amazing moment is when Bee jan informed Zawar that she is coming to America…. Oh my God ! I mean this is an amazing and positive turn in the story now let see how Zawar is going to handle the situation.

haya in aahista aahista

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pic of zawar and sofia

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sofia in Aahista aahista


zawar and sofia

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