Aahista Aahista Drama serial Episode 13 Review

| August 26, 2014

The latest 13th episode of this drama serial initiates with when they all were going to move outside for picnic or outing but Sofia really dnt want to bring Haya with them but Zawar urge her to take Haya with them outside…. Sofia is not ready to involved Haya in their house matters so she rudely prevents Haya from doing any kitchen work in her house she asked her to live as a guest but she completely forgot the time when Sofia was ill and unable to move then Haya is the only person who hold and manages her house.

The episode was completely dull and boring Zawar gathered courage to reveal the factuality to Sofia. But he couldn’t do that atleast in this episode. And Sofia continuously taunting Haya to stay away from Zawar and asked her to keep distance from her husband. But Haya was so scattered and sad to know that Zawar had not divulged the factuality of their relation to Sofia till now.

He apologized and promised her that he will tell him each and every thing and if she will not accept the reality then I’ll leave her. But any how the drama is still in this episode…it doesn’t move so fast…and there is nothing especially in this episode…. But one thing I must say that Zawar is nothing but a looser but the promo of next episode reveals that Sofia is pregnant and she also saw both together. Now there is no reason for Zawar to hide the truth…..

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