Aahista Aahista Drama Serial Episode Review

| August 6, 2014

This episode begins when Bee jan moved to America she was glad to see her children spending happy married life but she is unsatisfied from side of Haya and told Zawar that there is no Pakistani touch in his house. And Zawar tried to convince Haya to pretend herself as a happy and relaxed person. In my views Zawar is really a selfish person who doesn’t care about Haya. But bee Jan again asked Haya that is she happy with Zawar or not as she is not satisfied with Haya,s behavior.

But Haya convinced her that there is nothing wrong in their life and Zawar is really a caring person. And here Sofia is really caring about Zawar. And here bee Jan finds some imperfection between their Haya and Zawar’s relations as there are differences in their statements. Sofia is really sensitive about Zawar’s attention but Zawar starts ignoring him.

Here Zawar brings flowers for his wife Haya and she is not ready to accept them but in presence of Bee Jan she had to accept. Bee Jan asked Haya to convince Zawar to come back Pakistan but she revealed the fact that Zawar is not ready to come back Pakistan ever and bee Jan seems quite worried to hear this. And here inspite of all tricks of Zawar to convince Haya, she is not ready to neglect all his deceives. Next day morning Haya is ill with fever so Zawar make omlate for Haya but she is not so happy with all this.

And here Sofia tries her best to go back America as soon as possible but all procedure must take 2 or 3 weeks. And she asked Zawar to stop neglecting her even if he is busy or not. And bee jan ordered Zawar to go on shopping with Haya and in shopping mart she met Mustafa who and Zawar saw them and that’s the ending scene of this episode.

haya in aahista aahista

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Zawar in Aahista Aahista

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