Age-Defying Hollywood Actresses Who Looks Stunning Even after 40’s

| February 24, 2015

Top 5 Celebrities without Cosmetic Surgery:

In this modern age, everyone is trying to take benefits from the latest technology. If we specifically talk about the showbiz world then it becomes very obvious that now movies are made by using latest technology, newest cameras & stunning lights similarly various actresses try to look beautiful & outstanding by using beauty products & cosmetics. Innovations that are made by the scientists into the beauty industry are endless. Cosmetic or plastic surgery is one of the very wonderful & amazing techniques that are used in order to beauty a person (no matter male or female).

The trend of cosmetic surgery is getting rapid popularization into the showbiz industry. Mostly celebrities who feel any kind of defect on their face or any part of body they usually think to get rid from it with surgery. They spend several thousands of dollars on a surgery for getting their desired look. Although doctors use advanced procedures yet sometimes it happens that they badly fail into their operation & disastrous results comes out after surgery.

Some celebrities are very wise & they choose age instead of plastic or cosmetic surgery. They never want to face the disasters that usually occur after surgery. They pay attention on their diet, exercise & maintain their natural beauty. So on this page, today; I am going to throw light on the top 5 Hollywood female celebrities who choose age beauty over the surgical beauty. Let’s Start!

Elle Macpherson

1 elle macpherson

Australian businesswoman, model, TV Personality and actress Elle Macpherson 50 year’s old Hollywood celebrity (whose date of birth is 29th March, 1964) is still looks very young & beautiful. This age defying graceful lady has still the power to urge people to turn their heads when she walks on red carpet. Her beauty secrets includes low intake of fats, fresh fruit, vegetables & balanced diet etc. She looks better than other 35 to 40 or 45 years old celebrities. She prefers her over age instead of surgery.

Julia Robert:

2 julia robert

Her full name is Julia Fiona Roberts (American actress and producer) but mostly known as Julia Roberts. Her date of birth is 28th October, 1967. So, according to this age she is now 47 years old still her endearing smile, slim & smart figure, wrinkle free face & inspiring personality makes her prominent into the crowd of young girls. Mostly, it is observed that some people think more & more make up usually prominent various facial features & makes you look more aged. May be that’s the reason behind why mostly over age celebrities appears on various events, functions & parties with less make-up. No doubt they look stunning & timelessly elegant into their surgery free natural & less make-up look. She maintains herself without any kind of cosmetic or plastic surgery.

Kate Winslet:

3 Kate Winslet hollywood actiress who chose to age without cosmetics surgrey

Kate Elizabeth Winslet (English actress and singer) choose her age over surgery treatment. Her date of birth is 5th October, 1975 & she is reaching almost to her 40’s yet she looks graceful because she is far away from the disastrous surgical treatments. She still looks outstanding & it is impossible to believe that she is timelessly beautiful even without any kind of plastic surgery.

Kate Beckinsale:

4 kate beckinsale

Kathrin Romary mostly known as Kate Beckinsale is a popular English actress born on 26th July, 1973 (41 years old actress) still looks like a teenager. Her smile is the main feature that light up her face. She maintain her age with grace & beauty. She does not look as old she is actually only because she choose natural beauty & avoid surgical treatment. Can you believe she is one of the Hollywood actresses without cosmetic surgery? Yes she is.


5 medona without plastic surgrey

Her full name is Madonna Louise Ciccone (Born 16th August, 1958) but mostly famous by the name of Madonna. She is an American business woman, singer, songwriter & actress. For this 56 years old lady, age never matters, she looks quite young. It is almost unbelievable for me that she maintains her beauty without surgery but incredibly it’s true.

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