Almeer’s 3rd Birthday Party Celebration in Good Morning Pakistan Show

| September 11, 2016


The gorgeous couple of Fatima Effendi and Kanwar Arsalan celebrated their charming son Almeer birthday in Nida Yasir morning show. The show was aired on September 7 and different showbiz guests also attended this show to greet the adorable Almeer. All the audience also enjoyed this show a lot because Nida arranged different games and other things to make this adorable birthday celebration wonderful. Cake design has so beautiful designing with Almeer picture and also the top designing of parents with their kid is giving the pretty looks. That colorful kido cake is another idea for all kids who are going to celebrate their birthday bash in this month.

Almeer wore the blue button down shirt and jeans pant which was looking so blushing on his fair complexion while the parents were also looking awesome. Fatima Effendi styled the pastel blush hued modern dressing code by designer and Kanwar has paired the jeans and shirt with coat that was making his long height prominent and decent as well. Audience really enjoyed all the games arranged by Nida Yasir, especially the chocolate cake cutting of Fatima and Kanwar.

Both Fatima Effendi and Kanwar Arsalan are the talented actors of Pakistan drama industry who married in the early stage of their success and now they have celebrated son’s 3rd birthday which is very enthusiast thing for them. All their fans and we also wish gorgeous Almeer a very happy birthday and a lot of more greetings.

All the birthday celebration pictures are here which we have collected for you, take a glance and admire the pretty Almeer and definitely his beautiful parents Fatima Effendi and Kanwar Arsalan.

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