Amir Khan Faces Health Issue

| June 24, 2015

Amir Khan

Amir khan is now turning to 50 but still a charming hero in the Bollywood planet and beat all other stars with his great devotional work and acting skills along with too good production. We all know that he is best in his field.

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Here in our latest presentation we discuss about the health issue of Amir khan the king star of the Bollywood planet which he is facing these days due to his latest upcoming film.

Amir Khan Facing Health Issue

Amir khan is a very passionate actor and always work with keen interest and full devotion but these days he is facing some health issues just because he gained his weight for his upcoming film Dangal in which he plays the role of real life wrestlers.He gained 22 kilo weight and now at the stage of 90 kg weight but it seemed this weight gaining requirement put some bad effects on his health. It is listening that Amir khan these days complaining for breathlessness.

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Our current drafted post is relevant the breaking news of the  most captivating and stunning Bollywood actor amir khan who is facing health issues these days.

1 Aamir Khan faces health issues (1)

2 Aamir Khan faces health issues (1)

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4 Aamir Khan faces health issues (2)

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