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| December 22, 2014

Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye Review of Episode 10:

Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye is a nice novel based drama serial. As I summarize the entire story in the previous episode review. Thos episode once again has based on lots of new happenings. Saqib is very much irritating from the entire situations & he finally shows his irritation before Shafaq’s mother. He reveals that “I am very much tensed from these circumstances. No one understands my feelings”. I think Saqib is truly fall in love with Shafaq. He request from Shafaq’s mother that “you will never ever told to Shafaq about why I marry from her”.

Saqib finally propose Shafaq & she is very happy. Shafaq calls to Saira & asks from her “whether Saqib has any place into your life or not?” Saira very clearly told her that Saqib is now not important for me because I cannot give him the comforts of life that you can. Shafaq is very sincere with Saira that’s why she said to Saira that even after marriage I will never stops you from meeting with Saqib.

Saira is dishearten when she listen that Saqib is going to marry with Shafaq. I think Saira you should be happy on this news. It’s the right time to show your happiness because that you actually want or wish is going to happen soon then why you are feeling sad? Really, Saira, you are a girl full of materialism who only prefer material goods over feeling of human beings. So, this is a review of 10th Episode of Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye. Let’s see what will happen into the upcoming episodes.

Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye

Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye 10

Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye  aplus drama

Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye cast

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