Aplus Drama Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye Review of Episode 13 & 14

| January 17, 2015

Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye Episode 13 & 14

Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye episodes 13 & 14 revolve around the love of Saqib & Shafaq while Saira is still making lots of mistakes. Shafaq & Saqib finally got married. Even on forbidden, Saira come at Shafaq’s home continuously. Saqib try to tell Shafaq that “I truly love you”. On the other hand, Saira calls to Shafaq & tell her that “Saqib still loves me & his first love is only Saira”. These calls make Shafaq very upset. When, Shafaq discusses all this (about the calls of Saira) with Saqib then Saqib said to Shafaq “I will tell you the truth soon please give me some time”. Saira is a girl who is not only very greedy but also very jealous from Saqib’s increasing love for Shafaq.

She calls to Saqib & said to him “I want to eat something from a restaurant so can you please take m in a restaurant”. Saira is trying to trap Saqib by saying that “if you never give me time then I will tell to Shafaq all about her disease brain tumor”. Saqib go away with Saira in a restaurant. At the same time Shafaq Calls to Saqib & Saira snatch the mobile from Saqib & say “Hello” to Shafaq. This makes Shafaq suspicious about Saqib. When Saqib reached at home then Shafaq shows her anger on Saqib by saying “leave me alone”. Saqib try to apologies from Shafaq. Then both Shafaq & Saqib go on sea side. Both enjoy a lot.

Saira’s sister talks with Farooq. She asks from him “when you will marry with Saira? Farooq replies that “I am waiting for my boss who is on a trip of Malaysia as he came back then I will marry with Saira. On the other hand, Saira’s sister’s go away to Dubai due to the sudden accident of her husband (who live & work in Dubai). Now Saira is living alone at home. She is trapping Saqib & Shafaq. Finally, Saqib come to know that Saira is only a greedy girl & she never loves him.

Shafaq’s mother try to handover all of her property to Saqib but he refuse from taking it by saying that I don’t need all this. Furthermore, Saqib said that originally only Shafaq is the owner of this all property. This shows that Saqib is really very sincere with Shafaq.

When Saira come to know that Shafaq & Saqib both go sea side then she talks very bitterly with the old female servant & feels very jealous.

I think Farooq is not a sincere with Shafaq. It’s my personal opinion. He is only delaying his marriage with Saira plus he is trying to impress Saira with his wealth. Saira is very greedy by nature that’s why she is impressed from Farooq & his wealth a lot. Let see what will happen with this greedy girl? Whether Farooq is only trapping to Saira or truly want to marry her?

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