ARY Digital Drama Chup Raho 1 to 8 Episode Review

| October 28, 2014

Story of 1 to 8 Episodes of Drama “Chup Raho”

The story of this drama is written by the talented writer Samira Fazal & directed by Yasir Nawaz. The “Chup Raho” is a drama serial which actually highlights the issue of rapist in our society & eve teasing. Rape and sexual assault are increasing among the new generation especially in west. May be this serial gives a good message to them. The cast of this serial is Sajal Ali as Ramin, Jibran Syed as Numair, Arjumand Rahim, Feroz Khan as Azar, Shaheen Khan , Yasir Nawaz,Tariq Jameel and others. This drama is aired on ARY Digital at 08:00 pm on every Tuesday.

The story begins from a travel in which we can see that Ramin (Sajal Ali) is travelling with her parents from Pindi to Karachi. They are going to Karachi for their daughter’s engagements. Ramin is young, beautiful & innocent girl who is happy & buying bangles & other items from each station. She has emotional attachment with her Fiancé Azar.

Ramin & her parents are actually going at Manal’s home. Manal is the elder sister of Ramin & lives in Karachi with her wealthy husband Numair. Azar the Fiancé of Ramin is a cousin of Numair. In first episode Numair was shown as perfect, caring husband and kind son-in-law. But in actual he is not a good guy he stands close to Ramin & gaze her. He is actually a giant monster. He is a rapist & now planning to rape Ramin (his new victim). At first Ramin saves herself from his little trap.

Finally, the couple Azar & Ramin got engaged. On engagement party, Numair hugs Ramin but Azar consider it like a sister-brother love & takes some pictures. Ramin becomes very much conscious about the bad habits of Numair & she told her father. Although they are poor but not blind. But Numair did not care about her wife’s father he talks bitterly with his father-in-law. Ramin’s father died due to heart attack. On the other hand I am very much surprised about the behavior of Manal towards her husband she trust him blindly. The death of her father is very sudden for the family.

In the next episode we saw that Numair get success in his plan of rape with Ramin when his wife & mother-in-law were not present at home. The utter horror of such event will surely astonish the viewers. When Ramin’s mother came home & enter into the room he saw that Ramin is sitting on the floor & her hairs were barely disheveled. Ramin’s mother said to her “to keep quiet”.

In the upcoming episode we saw that Ramin becomes very much scared from Numair. Now Ramin & her mother decided to go back Pindi.

Ramin refused to marry with Azar after this horrible event. She was also very much scared from her visions about Numair. But her mother urged her to marry with Azar because marrying with Azar is the best & well for her. When the Ramin’s refusal about this elation reach to Azar then he come to Pindi for asking why she refused to marry with him. She tries her best to tell Azar but her mother said her “to keep quite”.

Finally Azar got married with Ramin. During & after wedding Ramin’s mother’s live like a standing guard with her so that she can protect her daughter & boost up her confidence level. Numair is Azar’s relative plus Manal the sister of Ramin want to bring her sister at the home for performing some “Rasam-o-Riwaaj” but Ramin refused from this. She never wants to go at her sister’s & Brother-in-law’s home. So Ramin & Azar go to their home. Ramin is also very much scared from Azar & not allows him to touch her. Azar assure her that he will not touch her if she never likes it & go at the other place for sleeping.

Furthermore we saw that the “susrali” of Ramin are never clever type of people they behaves with her like a daughter. In further episodes we saw that when Ramin’s mother go to Pindi (because of some dispute about her husband’s home), then she wants to take Ramin with herself both daughter & mother makes plan but fail due to Numair. Numair give advice to Nusrat Appi (nannd of Ramin) to go with Ramin’s mother (because Ramin’s mother said that I am not feeling good I can never travel alone). Now Ramin is left along at her Nannd’s home. She feels scared from Razi (the husband of Nusrat Appi).

Once again when Numair try to come close to Ramin then she slaps him. Numair is a very smart person. He is developing his confident on Azar. He is dealing well with his wife like a loving & caring husband. Once Again, Numair becomes successful in bringing Azar & Ramin into his home.  Once, Numair thinks to leave Ramin (when he thinks about his daughter) but he saw beautiful & laughing Ramin with Azar then he again changed his opinion. He feels that he likes Ramin very much & that’s why cannot control him. Let see what happened in the upcoming episodes.

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