ARY Digital Drama Chup Raho Episode 9

| October 28, 2014

Chup Raho Review of Episode 9

In this episode we saw that Numair comes from office but Azar is still in office. Again it’s a plan of Numair so that he can go into Ramin’s room but on the other hand Ramin said to her sister to sleep with her. So Manal sleeps with Ramin. At late night when Azar come back home then Manal go back into her room but Ramin was still sleeping. After some time, suddenly Ramin wake up, afraid & think that Numair is sleeping on her bed & starts to shout (Numair bhai aisy na krey me app ki sister ki tarha hon).

Now Azar asks from Ramin why she shouts & repeats the name of Numair. She told Azar that Numair is not a good person. But Azar never believe on Ramin. On the other hand, Manal asked her husband Numair why Ramin is behaving very oddly. Bur Numair said Ramin has a psychological problem.

In this episode we saw that Numair is building a very confident relationship with his cousin Azar by providing him lots of facilities such as he told him about a housing scheme. He said him to think about buying a home. Numair offers him that he will give the down payment while you (Azar) will only need to fulfill the installments. Numair also advise Azar to take your wife Ramin on visit & dinner so that she feel relax. Azar & Ramin both go for shopping & then for a dinner. We observe that Azar is a very loving & caring husband. He truly loves Ramin.

A little dispute occurs between Numair & his wife Manal when Manal saw Ramin & Azar sitting in the lawn & romancing with each other. Manal points out Numair that, he never romance with her as in the earlier days of their marriage by pointing the couple (Azar & Ramin) sitting in the lawn. Firstly, Numair talks bitterly with her wife but immediately he control himself & satisfied his wife.

In further scenes we saw that Ramin calls her mother & said her to come back Karachi & her mother promised her that she will come back soon. On the other hand Numair send a lot of money to the Relative of Ramin (where her mother is living in Pindi) he said to their relatives that he takes care his mother-in-law very much that’s why he is sending this money & if needed then he will send more. The greedy relatives think that if Ramin’s mother lives for more days then they will get more money so they are stopping her from going to Karachi. Waiting for the next episode with crossing fingers!

rama serial Chup Raho Episode 9

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