ARY Digital Drama Goya Episode 16

| March 2, 2015

Review of Goya Episode 16:

Episode 16 of ARY Drama Goya is really very outstanding. The scenes are shorter but with lots of execution. First of all let me talk about the expected marriage of Zara & Umer. Parents of Umer & Zara are forcing them to marry with each other. As we know that Umer is a guy who never gets the true happiness as a kid. He lives in his home like a school & office. He follows lots of rules & regulation. He is not allowed to take his own decision while on the hand Zara is also a girl who is always neglected by her parents.

Her parents are always busy into their social meeting, office meeting & get-to-gather & they neglect their daughter & consequently she got engage in drugs but now after coming back from rehab her parent’s wants to marry her ASAP. Umer loves Mohini & Zara loves Adnan. Both Umer & Zara decided to marry each other so that they can get rid from their parent’s authoritative empires plus they want to help each other by providing emotional support to each other. They want to live with each other as best friends & that’s why they are going to marry.

Haniya is very much tensed because Senior Hashmi is trying to find out what happened with Haniya. Haniya wants to run away from the house of senior Hashmi for sake of her life as well as for the sake of her unborn kid. For this purpose she decided to take help from Umer.  On the other hand senior Hashmi is taking appointment from doctor so that he can take Haniya for check up & after proper check up Senior Hashmi can take a decision about what he should do with Haniya.

Haniya plans to run away from the home of Senior Hashimi after the Valima function of Umer. On the other hand Senior Hashimi is getting the report of every single minute of Haniya with the help of a security expert. What about Zeb-un-Nisa? Yes she knows that Haniya is planning something. Let whether she tell this to Senior Hashmi or keep her mouth shut.

Umer’s best Ali comes back & he told to Umer that it is only Senior Hashmi who forced him & his father to go Dubai. Another interesting development that happens into this episode is that Senior Hashmi hands over the “Khula Papers” to Umer but Umer refused to sign. Mohini will surely try to improve her life. We are hoping that Mohini will reach at the time of wedding & stops it. Fingers are crossed! So, this is the review of the 16 episode of Goya. Don’t forget to share your thoughts!

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