ARY Digital Drama Goya Episode 20 Review

| April 1, 2015

Goya Review of Episode 20

The Goya drama is moving ahead but on a slow pace. The 20 episode of this drama was quite better as compared from the previous episodes. If I summarize this episode in one line then it better to say that Umer Hashmi finally finds out where Mohini is & Sherfu Nana told him everything about Senior Hashmi.

When Umer Hashmi meets with Sherfu Nana then he know how his father forced Mohini to left Umer by telling a lie about a complicated surgery. After knowing this fact Umer becomes very hyper & decided to leave the home of his father. He talks very bitterly with Senior Hashmi. Umer said to his father that “now I will never ever enter in this home”. Zara try to stop Umer by saying that “I am your wife & how you can leave me”. She is actually following the instructions of senior Hashmi. When Zara married with Umer then she knows very clearly that Umer only loves Mohini & was ready to marry with her only because senior Hashmi force him.

Umer has left the home of his father & reached at the home of Mohini but Mohini never allow him to enter into the home. Umer is standing outside but Mohini is not allowing him to take step into her home. When Mohini gets to know that Umer married with Zara, from this time to now she is seemed quite angry not from senior Hashmi but from Umer because she is never expecting that Umer will ever try to marry with another girl (whatever the reason may be).

When Umer talk with Senior Hashmi before leaving the home then Senior Hashmi allows him that he can keep Mohini another flat as his second wife but Umer never accepts this offer & left the home this makes senior Hashmi very upset. He suddenly seemed quite unwell & ailing. Senior Hashmi allows Haniya to go anywhere she likes. It seems as Senior Hashmi’s hard heart is melting now. The role of Zeb is becoming quite annoying for the viewers.

We come to know that Mohini is seriously ill due to Cancer. Her mother Asma wants to take her Karachi for treatment but she is not ready to go Karachi due to the deal that she did with Senior Hashmi. Mohini’s health is falling-down with the passage of time let see what will happen into the next episode! All actors & actresses such as Furqan Qureshi, Osman Khalid Butt, Sana Javaid, Hira Tareen are doing well job in this drama.

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