ARY Digital Drama Goya Review of Episode 19

| March 23, 2015

Goya-Review of Episode 19

The drama is moving ahead at a slow pace but its ok because we are hoping that it will end soon. The things are wrapping up very well because in this episode we finally find out the right identity of Zeb. Yes Zeb the caretaker of Rahat Hashmi’s home makes clear that she is the daughter of Senior Hashmi. Her dialogues “hm adhy aduhray, jaiez, najaiez, jesy bi hen, hen tu un ki aulad hi na” makes her identity very clear.

The changing behavior of Zara is really very shocking for the viewers because she is trying to behave like an actual wife of Umer but she knows very well that Umer married with her only because he wants to get rid from the Senior Hashmi. Senior Hashmi is trying to wash the brain of Zara by realizing her that “she is the wife of Umer & she deserves to be treated like a wife from the side of Umer”.

On the other hand, another interesting thing that happens in this episode is the meeting of Umer with Asma Mirza but Asma Mirza told Umer very clearly that Mohini is very mush surprised & dishearten due to his second marriage because she was never expecting this from Umer. Serfu Nana tries to make this statement of Asma Mirza light weight by clearing it in a very well way.

Sherfu Nana is a gentle man & & he is an experienced man in order to judge the people that’ why he try to Console Umer by talking with him politely.  Mohini’s blood reports are of great concern. Overall, this episode was quite good as compared from the episodes. Let wait & watch what happened into the next one!

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