ARY Digital Drama Shikwa Episode 9 Review

| July 11, 2014

Another latest episode of number 9 begins with interesting phase where Meher Consecutively taunts her phupho and cousin just for her satisfaction to insult them. And here Meher’s mother advised Saqib to be kind and humble with each other especially in front of phupho. Because she never want to put bad impact of her daughter’s married life. But Saqib was really amazed to see the variation in Meher’s mood.

But I must say that I really felt sorrow for Saqib. And here Saqib informs his mother-in-law about his abroad visit from company. And then she spread the news to all relatives just for show off and just to make them feel jealous specially her sister-in-law. Oh yes! It works and phupho invites Meher and Saqib at home for dinner as they were newly married couple but for the sake of her own motive.

Like all other typical family politics Meher’s Uncle also wished to invite her with Saqib on dinner just for a reason that he is moving to abroad… Oh my God how cheap is that. I mean to alter your behavior just for your own sake is quite selfishness….

But anyhow here Saqib calls Mateen to invite him for a discussion. In meeting he asked Mateen to accept Meher if Saqib leaves him as she is not adjusting her self with him because till now she is not able to forget you. And after a while Mateen replied to answer him later as it is a big decision and it needs time to think about.

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