ARY Drama Dil Lagi Episode 17 Review on 16 July

| July 18, 2016

The drama took its plunge interestingly depicting the conversation between Bahu and Saas on the controversial and dual standards to treat a daughter and Bahu. Zulekha was once stunned when Anmol makes her remind of her daughter’s situation, the more conversation proceeded the more I felt that Zulekha will definitely slap Anmol but that was really her khaandani tarbiyat which she ever proud on. But how much effectively she defines of her son was matchless that showed about the traditional mother love for their son in our society. In this episode the family members of Mohid was seen making his character more praising in front of Anmol as we cannot forget the Sabiha talk to Anmol that Mohid bhai always love about his every relation so he will really help me taking out of that situation.

In this episode finally the character of Anmol have been proceeded in a way that we can say her stone heart is going to be soft as she seems stunned in drama regarding Mohid nature or actions. I love that scene when she agrees to take her ATM but stuns by the password which Mohid tells her, maybe she is finding a soft corner for Mohid that is why the password “Anmol surprises her. She is clearly depicting herself a strong lady that is why brings herself out of that certain time and goes on despising her husband in every possible way, she says Mohid I don’t want your ‘HARAAM KI KMAAI’ on which Mohid doesn’t say even a single word that was not right because he can make it clear. Although this clarification was done by Mohid yet it was priceless for Anmol because she is ziddi and gives a track to Mohid.

The episode reveals of the Sabiha ups and down conditions, now she is sad and now she is happy that is agony of a woman who is constrain of the so called rules of a typical society. Well she has seen fazal around the house and once she felt the despairing and wrong feelings for her husband but now she is happy to see him and very hopeful about the next, after all her brother Mohid has promised to set out all the tracks of her pitiable married life.

Anmol does what she wants but that can make her life very confusing ahead, a strong lady is one who doesn’t compromise the wrong but what about her wrong acts which she always do to letting down Mohid? Now the helping out of Fareed with money for getting him lost to another country shows that she doesn’t want the end of this cold war between Mohid and her. MOHABBAT OR JANG MAIN SAB JAIZ HAI is truly her current situation. Misunderstandings between both are proceeding more however their meaningful talks and confrontations is the temptations for viewers. Finally the Mohid have decided to let her free of this tension in the end of this episode and the next episode promo shows the direct speech about this topic.

The light characters of Mishal and Dastagir are the pleasant wind for drama and their cute story is also moving towards probably love. The efforts of Dastagir making mishal impress are gorgeous and kinda funny but anyways we love them and want them together giving the drama a bash of happiness. Well we are waiting to have more interesting yet powerful scenes with conversations, and an appreciation salute to writer who has given the drama a very beautiful track with writing so impressive dialogues which we always mention in every episode regarding the dialogue delivery of all characters especially Zulekha, Anmol and Mohid.

Giver your precious review and tell us how many are of you have watched this episode, was it a complete jam packed episode for you.


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