ARY drama Dil Lagi Review of Episode 9

| May 11, 2016

 Ary TV drama dil lagi episode 9 review

Well the irony starts of the character of Mohid’s sister who wanna patch up with husband but there’s the restrictions of so called ‘ Gharana’, yet the mother has powerful role but literally its only the ego of a wife of Wadera with dignified feelings. Every person is independent to think about life and it’s really a tragedy that being a married woman Mohid’s sister cannot decide or take any step about life and where is Mohid who just have concern with his own life? He has put all on his mother to do what she wants. In spite of going to her husband, she has been called again and now once again poor daughter has to bear out the egotism.

It was a bold step of wearing black dress by Anmol on her reception and there was also the typical talk of ladies present on the function which is unbearable for Mohid’s mother. Anmol is active and always ready to find the pinching points of Mohid’s family and in this point I didn’t get her attitude right because a strong woman has much capacity to tackle her position but on the other hand she is kinda girl to whom her rules and regulations concern more than any other thing, so we will expect anything unpredictable from her. I must appreciate the bearing power of Mohid’s mother for accepting the tough and unstoppable Bahu but we will justify the character of Saba Hameed who has beautifully and maturely played her role defending rightly the owner of a home in Sindh areas. She has regretted of taking place the marriage of her son so unevenly which she expresses also to Anmol’s mother because every Pakistani mother has much dreams of her son’s wedding.

The revenging expressions of Anmol especially seeing out the Mohid at door was worth seeing when her sister tells that Murad came back and wanna meet you. Anmol intentionally gives a loud voice to make Mohid realize that she has no interest in him and curiously want to have a chat session to Murad. Well I think the character of Anmol is kinda exaggerating too that irritates any sane one I mean, is not Nikah a powerful relation for Anmol that she resists on Mohid to every step, that’s not what the definition of strong lady. She can easily catch up Murad in hospital on wedding day as most of the time she does boldly and approaching Mohid was her own personal decision then why she is creating hurdles for every one means in her life. Everyone has option to stay or to move on, so has Anmol too. But we still like all the actions, situations and also the light dialogues between Humayun Saeed and Imran Ashraf.

Waiting for next episode and let’s see what are the new moves that will uphold the interest of viewers.


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