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| January 27, 2015

Review of Episode 11 of Drama “Goya”

Goya 11th Episode is all about Mohini & her tension about Umer’s health. Mohini & Asma are facing financial problems in order to fulfill the charges of hospital & fee of doctor. Both are struggling very hard in order to pay money for Umer’s Treatment. Mohini also come to know that Senior Hashmi is the donor of the hospital in which Umer is admitted that’s why she thinks to meet with Senior Hashmi for help.

It seems as Rahat Hashmi successes in his plan in order to bring his son back at home because Mohini go at Rahat Hashmi home for help. Senior Hashmi wants a separation of Mohini from Umer. If she will fulfill this condition then he is ready to help her. Rahat Hashmi said to Mohini “Tumhary sath raha to zinda nahi bachy ga vo tamaam khushiyan jo Umer sy tum ny chen li hen, vo usy milen gi”. Senior Hashmi wants Mohini to be out from Umer’s life as soon as it is possible because he wants to finalize his deal with Saleem Saab.

Mohini is very upset & once again she shares her tension with Noomi. Noomi encourages Mohini like a good friend. Haniya the wife of Senior Hashmi is very much upset & tensed from the Umer’s bad health that’s why she try to help Asma & Mohini by providing them financial helps but when senior Hashmi came to know then he shows his annoyance on Haniya.     Haniya is also sick of from the outburst anger & frustration of Senior Hashmi. She tries to convince him by telling him about “sympathy & humanity” but Rahat Hashmi continually tells her about his stipulated & predetermined rules that she must follow if she wants to live with him.

As we know that Mohini is pregnant but the divorce cannot be take place before the birth of child. If senior Hashmi knows about Mohini’s pregnancy then he will surely said to her for an abortion so that he can separate her son Umer from Mohini. But if Senior Hashmi never knows about Mohini’s pregnancy then let see what will happen? Whether Mohini tell him about her unborn kid or not?

The mystery about the Zaib-Un-Nisa character is increasing day-by-day. Both Senior Hashmi & Zaib-Un-Nisa has some connection with each other & Haniya also knows a little that Zaib-Un-Nisa share a past with Senior Hashmi. Let see when will this connection is exposed & who exposed it? We also come to know that Zaib-Un-Nisa is a girl who holds master’s degree from the University of Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Overall, this is an emotional episode. It raise lots of questions intro our mind such as whether senior Hashmi will succeed in his plan in order to Umer bring back at home or not? What decision will be taken by Mohini? Let see what will happen in the next episode!

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