ARY Drama Goya Review of Episode 22 & 23-The End

| April 21, 2015

Review of Goya-Last Episode

Goya drama takes a decent start but as the drama move towards its climax then it becomes only a headache for the viewers. As the drama moves towards its last episode I think all viewers lost their interest & after watching last episode that is 23rd I think it is better if this ending happened at the 15 or 16 episode. Directors should not drag this drama to the 23rd episode. Furthermore, every character was ruined into the last episode.

When the drama was started then it seems as every character had their own intensions & unique story line but in the last everyone character lost its story line. First of all, I must say that Adnan’s death still is a mystery for the viewers even after the last episode of this drama. When Umer Married with Zara then I think this point totally give a U-Turn to this drama because viewers were never expecting this wrong decision from the side of Umer. Umer should not marry with Zara. Secondly, Mohini was also never expecting this decision from Umer.

When Mohini find out the fact of Umer’s second marriage then she totally loose her trust from Umer, she become a self pity girl & she never like to live more that’s why she committed a suicide but fortunately saved. Then she fall seriously ill & doctors recognized that she has cancer & in the last episode she died due to cancer. The shocking thing for me is the ignorance of Umer & Asma towards Mohini’s illness. They acts like puppets & just follow the instruction of Mohini. I think they should take Mohini into a good hospital for further treatment against her will. But unfortunately, they never did it.

In the last episode, 🙁 another big flaw is that the background story of Senior Hashmi still remains incomplete. No further details are given instead of it that Zeb is his daughter.  In addition, I think even in the last Episode Umer was also unaware from the fact that Zeb is his sister. Why they director do this with the last episode. The last episode seems incomplete & full of lots of flaws. The characters of Ali, Noomi, Haniya, Adnan & Zara seemed totally wasted. I must say that the writer & Director never justify with the characters. If we compare the earlier episode of this drama from the last episodes then it easy to say that every character as well as story of this drama lots its plot into the last episodes.

The technical flaws such as too much music that becomes a sound hurdle into the dialogues & some fake backgrounds really makes this drama dull. Overall, it is a mediocre project by ARY. Share your thoughts with us!

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