Ary Drama Pyaray Afzal Episode 32 Review

| July 11, 2014

Here comes a latest episode of number 32 with enormous enthusiasm and engrossment where Yasmeen called Farah to intimate her willingness for engagement and so Farah’s anguish and distress is at peak and she informed Lubna about all matter in a choleric way ( bohat saray khwab mar gaye……khat likhnay wali farah kay khawab, lubna Ibraheem kay khwab….wo kal ke londi tum dono ki ankhen noch kay lay gaye hai) And here Mr and Mrs Ibraheem reached to Afzal’s house to invite them on engagement where Arifa annunciates the news that Afzal is also getting engaged today. So everyone was in state of shocked specially Molvi Subhanallah and Ruqayyah Begum. But after some trauma and shocked situation obviously as a mother she was excited and eager to listen the voice of her future daughter in law So Arifa asked the number of Yasmeen for her mother but in a taunting way which is deeply realized by Farah. So anyhow both engagements are settled on same time after the prayer of Esha, in a lavish and ceremonial way. Both were emerging in an appealing and admirable way.

And here newly released episode spotlights the work of Afzal which is really confusing as the nature of his job is not identified properly which misrepresent others. But anyway in 32nd episode Afzal was called by a higher authority to take down target on Mp whose name is Zaki Ahmed by giving his false impression ( Iskay jhansay mein mat aye….jo rula skta hai wo impress bhe kr skta hai)  and offering him the amount of 2 crore. But the situation become in turning point when Afzal impressed by that decent and honest person and modulate his intention of killing him and allotting him that amount of Rs 2 crore. Afzal always amaze us with his superb, classy and sensational wording like ( unsey keh dijye…. kay agr Zaki Ahmad kay pajamay par ek silwat bhe pari to sabko kafan me lapait dunga) I mean this man never tired by impressing us with his inspiring dialogues. And here Farah agrees to gift that special ring to Farah on her engagement.

Afzal pic

Arifa in smile

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