Ary Drama Serial Chup Raho Episode 15

| December 11, 2014

Review of Chup Raho Episode 15

No doubt that the Director of Drama Chup Raho “Yasir Nawaz” done his job very well. The new comer “Feroz Khan” as Azar is doing his job very brilliantly & of course credit goes to director for bringing such a great talent on the screen. How I can forget the main character of this drama? Yes I am talking about the Numair (Syed Jibran). He is really a very dazzling actor. Let’s have a review of this episode!

As in the previous episode, I told you that Numair go into the hospital & once again try to harass Ramin but Ramin shows courage & attack on him. Before going to hospital Numair told to Azar that “I am going to Hospital because Ramin is calling me there”. Now Azar once again doubting on Ramin. That’s why he first calls to Manal & asks from her “whether the Numair is at home or not?” then he calls to Numair & asks from him “where are you”.

Numair pretend as he is with Ramin but tell a lie with Azar. Azar immediately go to hospital & shows anger on Ramin. But Ramin told him that “if I call to Numair then why I attack on him & you can check out my fingers signs on Numair’s neck”. Azar takes Ramin to home so that he can see whether she is telling a lie or not?

On the other hand Numair’s mind works very sharply & he bought some medicine from a medical store & throws these medicines on his neck. Now it looks as his neck injured due to the medicines. Then he came back home & pretend before his wife. At the same time Ramin & Azar came there.

Azar said to Numair that “show me your neck” & when he saw then he feels as some harmful medicine create this injury when he asks from Numair then Numair said that “this injury occur due my collide with a ward boy (who is taking medicine tray)”. Azar once again feel ashamed before Numair due to Ramin. He shows his Anger on Ramin & soon he takes the decision of giving divorce to Ramin but Numair & Manal stops him.

No doubt that Manal is completely trusting on her husband. She is completely justified for being fooled by him because Numair always pretend very beautifully. He take care his wife, he praises her & he shows his love for his wife & daughter. Then how it is possible for Manal not to trust on him?

Numair knows very well how to mold people according to his own preferences. No doubt he is a master of brain washing. He shows very clearly before Azar in the office that “a man who never pays back his money can be deal very curly by him & his colleagues”. This will surely make Azar to work more seriously & divert his attention from house/Ramin to Office.

At night when Ramin came into the room so that she can sleep then Azar said her “get out from my room”. He torched her physically. I feel quite sympathetic for Ramin. She has already raped by the Numair & now she never deserves anymore (physically & mentally).

When Ramin was knocking at the door & saying to Azar “pleas open the door, at the same time Numair see her. Ramin go towards the roof & it is a golden chance for Numair to meet with Ramin. How it is possible for him to miss such a golden chance. Numair immediately chase her but soon a call come & Numair go back.

Ramin take advantage of this upcoming call (because Numair is busy in talking with an office colleague) & go outside from the home. When she go outside from home I thing that finally Ramin has decided to leave this home, but unfortunately this is not the actual case. She spends this night into a servant quarter. Early in the morning, Numair is showing anger on Azar “why he allows to Ramin to get out late at night?”.

Soon Azar finds Ramin into Servant Quarter. Finally, Azar take a decision & said to Ramin now “you will live in this Quarter”. Ramin force to Azar & said to him “don’t do this because I feel secure in this room not in Quarter” but Azar never listen any talk of Ramin. Azar portray anger, Confusion & hatred like sentiments very flawlessly. Hats off to you Feroze Khan!

When Ramin Enters into the Quarter then she saw that Numair is already there & he has also broke the lock of the door of Quarter. Let see what happened with Ramin? Whether Numair once again will succeed in order to harass Ramin? Whether Ramin will live in this Quarter safely or not? Who will bring the truth on the surface & when?

Who will bring the real face o Numair before his wife & cousin Azar? Whether Ramin will get Justice or not? In short, there are lots of questions which are circulating into the minds of viewers. For finding the answers of these questions keep on visiting

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