ARY Exclusive Drama Dil Lagi Episode 6 Review

| April 26, 2016

1. Ary digital tv drama dil lagi episode 6 review

The most awaited drama Dil lagi has written by the eminent writer Faiza Iftikhar while the same director f Drama Pyarey Afzal and movie Jawani phir nahi Ani has presented the strong plot drama that kept the hearts mesmerized from the very first episode. With a long period break Humayun Saeed has taken his comeback with the powerful character of Mohid in this drama with the collaboration of his co-actress Mehwish Hayat as Anmol. As the Anmol looks very inflexible in her dealings of just following her rules and not to bear out anything even anyone to go wrong with her rule following life but the tragedy is the Mohid who has fallen in love with her and kinda stubborn person too, to poke nose in the every matter of her which makes the Anmol furious. Well the distressed behavior of Anmol for Mohid is unbearable and he decided to apart himself from her life but the mercy of love repels him and Anmol decided to marry him. However her decision is looking to do for her mother and sister but she is the girl who cannot forgive anyone to exploit herself and now she would rather suggest to enter directly into the life of Mohid and compete bravely.

The dialogue delivery is great especially the character of Mohid’s mother and sister gets clear and I would appreciate the coolness of Mohid after Nikah when he eats Laddu, in fact the misery of Anmol but he should rather ready because his coolness is going to turn in  furiousness as she is not the ‘sati Savitri’ type girl normally seen in Pakistani dramas and surely Mohid will have to pay off for what he has done with Anmol.

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The brave Anmol yet didn’t permit him to touch her and we must say to Mohid ‘Agay Agay Dekhiye Hota Hai Kya’. But here we sees that Mohid is not a wicked person as Anmol thinks of her but anyways this is the twist of drama which will maintain the interest for viewers.

The story took a move with the change of their marriage and also with the painful feelings for Mohid’s sister and the situation has become the psyche problem, for her. We fear that she will decide something against her family.

Will the Anmol feel any soft corner for Mohid or to take revenge?  Well it seems like she will totally refuse to follow the rules of Haveli. Will Mohid bear everything from the part of Anmol who is looking like a cool lioness? Get ready for the next episode with a new twist.


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