ARY TV Drama Dil Lagi review

| April 28, 2016

Dil lagi drama review

Dil lagi drama is airing on ARY channel that has directed by Nadeem Baig, a big name for stunning projects like Pyarey Afzal and Jawani Phir Nahi Ani. With the production of Six Sigma and the writer is the eminent lady, the one and only Faiza Iftikhar who had taken a break after giving her best of best script, Ik Cinderella, Aunn Zara, Roag and Bilquis Kaur. on asking to her about Dil Lagi she said that I wanted to take a break and did her best to not revive the traditional story or characters that is why her creation is something different as she always do.


On Saturday night at 8:00 pm


Humayun Saeed as Mohid
Mehwish Hayat as Anmol
Saba Hameed as Zulekha
Asma Abbas as Surayya
Uzma Hassan
Maryam Ansari
Imran Ashraf and many others
Title song:
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Basically story revolves around the Mohid and Anmol who are the main characters of drama. Anmol mother is a widow with two daughters, her husband had paid off the amount to a wadera but not allocating the proves, he teases them out. Anmol is daring enough and even not fear of slapping to anyone who will bother or do wrong with her. Faiza Iftikhar had already told to Nadeem Baig that her heroin dares to slap even the hero and Baig said it’s alright.
Mohid’s mother on the other hand believes on equality of men and women but her daughter is the weak link of family. Saba Hameed has beautifully handled her role of the typical wife of wadera in Sindh and more the delivery of dialogues which we always expect from her.
The one sided love and the other person feels hatred is the distraction that leads the story to uncertain conditions. Anmol is stubborn and inflexible even don’t listen to anyone if he is saying right.

Strong dialogue delivery of drama:

The dialogues are just more than wow and the guilelessness has made the drama more worthy.
“Main Ghalat Kam bhi boohat sahi tariqey sey karta hoon, par kabhi kabhi koi sahi kaam Ghalat tariqey sey kar bethta hoon… aadmi Ghalat nahi hoon” the wonderful dialogues of Humayun Saeed.
On the other hand Anmol has also charm to reflect her bold and strict personality through her speaking style and Mehwish Hayat did the best with flawless performance.

Comeback of handsome Humayun Saeed:

Humayun appeared after a very long time with the exquisite comeback in silver screen. His personality seen in the drama is depicting as if he sets perfect for this role, a ghunda who loves the weapons like pistol and beat the boy in the very first episode. He has fallen in love with Anmol by observing her daring personality two times when she beats the snatcher boy.
Well I must say he has groomed his personality more to suits to this character and assuming that it would be best as he always do for his viewers.

Shooting in the rich cultural Sukker city:

All the shots have been taken in the backward streets and regions of Sukker city and also reflection of the life in Sindh. Traditional getup of Saba Hameed in Sindhi shirts and nose piercing is the exemplary one to consider the rich culture of Sindh.

Something different from typical dramas:

The writer Faiza Iftikhar had clarified that I was sick to see the Roti dhoti heroines of TV dramas generally became a trend that is why I wanted something different to reveal that may not be a panic stuff to viewers. The story is all about women empowerment and Anmol is the true example who is competitive, brave and inflexible in her dealings.

Well this drama has new dimension in TV screen and everyone is hoping that it will create charm for viewers.

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