Ary Zindage Drama Serial “Behnen Aisi bhe Hoti Hain” Episode 59 Review

| July 24, 2014

This latest 59th episode of drama serial begins with the grief and pain of all family as Akbar divorced Meheru and that lady came in their house advised her mother to marry your daughter again with any person who is available, whether married or widower. And that conversation hurt her a lot and she shared her feelings with her younger sister khairu.

As is well known that Khairu deeply loves her sister Mehru and she cant even see a single drop of tear in her eye and cant see har sad. So she bring her sister towards mirror and asked her to be happy and prepared with makeup stuff. But Mehru stopped her to be aware of all these nonsense as I am a divorce person so I am not even allowed to laugh.

And here Mehru,s  x- mother in law came to their home for Apologizing for what her son had done. She felt really sorry for whole incident but now she can’t do anything. So she offered her father to take Fifty thousand as a penalty and this act greatly hurt the man to whom she offered the money. And he asked her to leave my house as I am not one of those greedy men….

As it’s a daily soap serial so naturally it moves slowly but et see what will be the next step of their parents and what kind of situation will be waiting for Mehru.

Akbar's mother

Ary Zindage drama serial

behnen aisi bhe hoti han



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