Ayesha Omar First Look After the Sever Car Accident with Azfar Rehman

| January 6, 2016

Ayesha Omar & Azfar Reman car accident:

Young and fetching celebrity Ayesha Omar met a horrible accident with close friend and co fellow actor Azfar Rehman. Ayesha Omar is talented actress, VJ, singer and host, she is widely known because of her matchless character of Khoobsurt in Bulbaly. Ayesha and Azfar met with accident on 19 December near Nooriabad, Sindh when they were on their way from Karachi to Hyderabad on super highway. It was atrocious and horrified accident and both were seriously injured. Ayesha suffered multiple injuries and features in her right shoulder while Azfar suffered broken collar bone due to this accident.
1 ayesha omar and Azfar Rehman accdent

After the server accident Ayesha back to camera and she was seen at the Karachi premium of most appointed movie “Ho Mann Jahaan”. Ayesha also posted her pictures on her social media account to show her fans that she is recovering from the effects of accident. In picture, we can see that Ayesha’s right shoulder and hand is under the coverage of bandage.

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At her face book account she also shared her feelings and real facts of accident. She tells that it was horrified time and it is just a miracle that she and her best friend Azfar Rehman were alive. She says that it was enormous painful situation she can’t sleep for early two nights despite the heavy dose of painkillers. She told that their car was hit by overtaken truck on the highway and they met two collisions (another truck bumped the car from back). It was terrible condition but Ayesha says that she didn’t lose her consciousness and she was greatly thankful to see her alive. Ayesha and Azfar were hospitalized in South City hospital. Ayesha is greatly thankful to Azfar and the people who took her hospital and help her at this crucial time. Here we are sharing this pictures in which Ayesha is describing her feelings and emotions during the experience of accident.
We are also sharing the picture of Ayesha’s first public appearance after the accident at the premier of “Ho Mann Jahan”. Take the view of these pictures in which Ayesha is showing that she is recovering and now in better condition.

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