Ayyan Ali Complete Profile, Modeling Career & Jail Scandal

| May 16, 2015

Model Ayyan Ali & Her Career:

Ayyan Ali is a well known name into the modeling industry of Pakistan. She is a top model into the Pakistan fashion industry. Her height is 5’9 & date of birth is 30th July, 1993 (born in Dubai, UAE). This highly fame gaining & successful model recently go in jail due to a money laundering case. Now days she is talk o town due to this unresolved case.

She takes a start of her modeling career from the age of sixteen. With the passage of time she got popularity & become Brand Ambassador of different famous brands such as Honda, a shampoo brand Sunsilk, McDonalds, Ufone, Samsung  etc. She appears in lots of fasahio0n shows as showstopper. She is seen o the ramp in highly stylish clothes designed by the top Pakistani fashion designers. She is seen as model into spring summer & fall winter clothes by the brands such as Gul Ahmed, Karma, Chinyere (Bareeze) into different fashion magazines.

Due of her excellent work she has won lots of awards for Best Female model. In the year 2014, it is announced that she will participate in the Miss Universe pageant soon. Let see whether she will or not because currently she is jail & her case in under process.

On the date of 14th March, 2015, she was seen on the Benazir International Airport in Islamabad. She was going to UAE. But during checking, the Pakistan Airport Security Force found almost $500,000 into her luggage bag. So, it was simply a money laundering case. So, she was sent into the jail for this reason.

According to law a person is allowed to take almost $10,000 out of country in cash form but she was taking $500,000 that is a great amount & more than the allowable amount.  At first she was sent jail on 14 day remand. But later, her case becomes more complex because during interrogation she told to the concerned authorities about lots of politicians & other models who also expected to involve in money laundering. It is also said that this money is not illegal because she get such a huge amount after selling her property.

Currently, she is in Adiala jail, Rawalpindi. Her case is still under process. Another piece of News that is circulating into social media is that she is getting lots of facilities even in jail such a furnished room, refrigerator, mobile phone etc but the Jail authorities denied from it.

If her crime proved or verified into the court then she is expected to pay a heavy fine as well as she can face14-year jail terms also. Let see what happened?

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