Beautiful Chef Farah Jahanzeb Passed Away

| July 22, 2014

Today I am here with a despairing and heart broken news of Death of Farah Jahanzeb a cooking expert. She was famous for her unique cooking shows on number of channels. She was known as Farah Aaniya Alam after her divorce from his husband. She is not only ionized and conspicuous lady as a cooking expert but also she is a charming personality with the label of fashion designer.

She is really an adorable and exquisite personality but unluckily she is not alive now. The sudden disappearance of Farah made her fans worried about her. But the list is very limited who know about her cancer. Farah was suffering from breast cancer. Few months before she updated her status in a social website, Facebook in which she discussed about her ailment and thanked her fans for supporting her. And her words are…….

“Allah sometimes chooses some people for a bigger purpose, today I feel yes I am one of those people. I flipped into the rarest form of disease where medicines were not working on my body and all the doctors said “I am a hopeless case” at that time the only person who stood by me was my honorable teacher Dr.Mohammad Alam, he brings out the courage, faith, strength and my Emaan more on Allah (SWT).

He guided me to work on myself. With the blessings of my teacher and duas of my mother I am coming back to life again, my doctor, my paramedical staff who gave me so much care.
My team members who continuously supported me. My bhabis, my loving brothers, ammi whose mouth dried by reciting ayat-e-karima, Shanzeh who is continuously manifesting health for mama, Jehanzeb reciting darood-e-pak, Parisheh and my son in law who pampered me like a baby and my friends praying for my health and my recovery.
I am truly a blessed woman. I am posting my pictures during the treatment for all my fans.
She was died of breast cancer on 21 july 2014, just at the age of 45…. Its really painful news… She was a versatile personality and ionized for her sophisticated dealings and astonishing ideas….. Although now we can do nothing for her except always remember that person in our prayers….So do prayer for her.
May she rest in peace.

Farah jahamzeb pics in hospital



farah jahanzeb in designer look

farah jahanzeb picture

old pictur of farah

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