Best Celebrities Performed Umrah 2014

| September 2, 2014

Umrah and haj: Performing umrah and hajj is honor for every Muslim. Every Muslim wants to see the house of ALLAH Almighty. Every Muslim has great wish to perform hajj of umrah.

Pakistani media industry: However, when it comes to the media industry of Pakistan, the principles and the traditions been followed are somehow.

Pakistani celebs during ummrah and haj: Here we are sharing some awesome pictures of some famous personalities from Pakistan drama industry; these celeb5rties are performing hajj and umraha.

Pakistani celebs doing hajj and Ummrah: Let’s briefly talk about these personalities who are performing a central Islamic religious obligation.

o    Shahid Afridi and Junaid Jamshaid are performing their hajj activities.
o    Precious top Hollywood actress Sahiba and actor Afzal Khan is performing their hajj.
o    Actor/Producer Nabeel at Makkah
o    Islamic Host Aamir Liaquat Hussain in ehramm
o    Model/actor/Host Ahsan Khan during this religious activity
o    Singer Atif Aslam in Ehraam
o    boxer Amir Khan is also in special holy getup which is adopted for performing hajj or umrah.

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