Bhool Drama Episode 43 Review

| July 11, 2014

Here we have another episode of our latest drama serial Bhool aired on Hum Tv. Episode 43 initiates with the Kidnapping of Nadia by Hira through her evil plans and So Shazain realizes some hazard on the call of principal from school for intimation that nobody is here to pick your children which really bemused him as it never happened before.

And here Hira is again trying her luck by aggravating him about Nazia and dissembling that she really does care about her beloved wife by asking help from her father to try his best to find Nadia. And here Sardar sahib hardly struggling to find Nadia but all in vain but anyhow Hira consecutively misguided Shazain in amiss by harsh wording.

And she is still trying to get even closer to Nadia’s children and husband by her pharisaism. The story is still in this episode as nothing moves forward and so I guess this episode lack the element of interest and some enthusiasm.

But promo of next episode show some interest and bit of change in story as in next episode Hira insist Shazain to stay with him and children as she is too much responsible and sincere about his children. I must say that I just hate the girls who always trying to disturb the happy families just for the sake of their ego satisfaction.

But anyway Shazain after long struggle couldn’t find her wife so unwillingly he called Nadia’s mother to ask that if she know something about her daughter but she was surprised and unaware of all the matter….. Now let’s see what would be the next phase in this drama……

drama bhool


picture of hira

Saleem sheikh in bhool

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