Bhool Drama Episode 49 Review

| July 22, 2014

The latest ionized drama serial Bhool is applauded these days. Episode 49 of drama serial Bhool begins with the conversation of Hira and Shazain where Hira consecutively aggravating Shazain about Nadia that she must leave you house and children willingly but Shazain is not going to accept these words. After then Hira called Nadia’s kidnapper to ask whether he found her or not but still they the answer is no so she menace him as she is the only eye witness of her mother’s murder.

And really worst thing about this episode is that Nadia again caught by Hira’s kidnappers. I mean I was really happy and satisfied with this step of Nadia but I must she is really unlucky who trapped by Hira again. And here when Hira came back home her step mother caught her and starts threatening her and informed her about the fact that she knows what Hira is upto.

But yes as Hira is a stubborn and ruse person so is not one of those who keep listening. And yes as expected Nadia’s parents are worried a lot about her daughter no matter what conflictions were in the past but they are parents who help their children in anyway. But any how the story is still and has no turning point. Like all other daily soap serials Bhool is also a serial with slow speed.

bhool drama episode


Hira in tension

picture of shazain


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