Bhool Drama Episode 52 Review

| July 25, 2014

The latest episode of this drama serial begins when Nadia once again escaped from kidnappers by finding suitable chance. And her kids were also away from their house and hang around on roads. And the girl was caught by a bloody old person who caught her with evil mind and her son was caught by police when he told about her sister kidnapping to police.

And Jamil trying to find out children. Now it’s a new twist in the story, the first matter is still unsolved and Shazain is trapped in another huge problem of misplacing their children. Shazain reached to Nadia,s father house to bring his children back but when he was informed about his children Shazain become out of control in his behavior.

Even it is a daily serial but the story of this drama serial move with tortoise speed. No fluctations are seen in the story…But anyhow the next episode promo shows the same things. Now jamil is a stubborn person and still in his thoughts that Shazain is the one who kidnapped his wife and children. I mean how ridiculous thoughts he has.

annoyed Shazain


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