Bollywood Actor Salman khan’s Residence Outside Full With Fan Frenzy After Get Bail

| June 6, 2015

Salman khan is the Bollywood actor and he has the thousands of fan following in all over the world. He is 49 years old and he comes in to the film industry in 1988 and gives the many action and fighting block buster movies to the Bollywood. He is an actor, producer, TV personality and also run a public service NGO with the name f “human being”. Drunk Salman khan had an accident in 2002 and victim the people and dyes one person on the spot and this accident case is also run in the session court because the judge announced the 17 years arrested punishment in jail.

Now one week ago Salman Khan gets the2 day’s interim bail on the order of the session court judge. When Salman Khan came in home there are thousands of fan frenzy are standing on the outside of the Salman Khan’s residence. The fan following are very happy to see the “Bhai Jaan” at home and the fans are saying that Salman Khan is the human loving man and everyone gets some mistakes in their life but they are all very happy and their prayers are bring fruits that Salman Khan come back in home. Many Bollywood stars are also came in Salman Khan Residence for the supported of Salman that there are 12 years of punishment was passed and just 5 years are left and they are all with you.

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