Bollywood Celebrities Before and After Surgery Pictures

| September 8, 2015

Interestingly going to write about the cosmetic surgery and the treatments that actors and actresses going through. We can see that it is becoming a trend or the need of the actresses to have a surgical treatment enhancing their beauty and features. Well this can be defined as the need of every actor no matter from Hollywood, bollywood and lolywood. But specified to bollywood I have some interesting pictures of Indian actresses who have gone through the surgical treatment and stunningly look have come on the scene.

We can see that this trend is more in the bollywood celebs. The cause of this phenomenon is diversity in every field as we can see the revolution in film industry. This is the age of 3d and glamorous movies; beauty is more considering than any other thing. Well let’s check the given pictures categorized in before and after specification.

First talking about Shruti Hassan I was even shocked after seeing her before picture. She has a surgery treatment to her nose and terrifically charming nose after taking this. Aishwarya Roy a big name in film industry has also undergone this process and became more attractive than ever. Minissha lamba could not get fame but she also experienced nose surgery but after a disaster she skipped out.

Shilpa sethi after a number of surgeries got beautiful look than ever. Even you can see her before and astonishingly a charming look after bearing these facial treatments. Sri Devi and Rekha both are famous old actresses but they groomed their self beautifully even in this age and this award goes to the development in surgical world.

Kareena Kapoor, keona mitra and Priyanka chopra have also beautified their face after suffering this therapy. Besides this these actresses also have somebody changes which give them a look eternal itself.
Well one thing is also mentioned here that these surgeries are not always sure sometimes actors have to bear a disaster which can affect their life.

1 indian actress without surgery (3)

2 indian actress without surgery (7)

3 indian actress without surgery (9)

4 indian actress without surgery (10)

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