Bollywood Fashion Icon Actresses Coping Hollywood Divas’ Styles

| July 28, 2016

Bollywood actresses coping Hollywood:

Most of us are considered that bolywood celebrities are trend setter and they are matchless in their fashion senses. It is true but with that dexterity which is assumed by a common persona. Celebrities are also followed others to attain classy appearances.

It is hard to believe that how can celebrities copy others, but it is true. I am sure that you will be stun by seeing these pictures which we are going to share here. These are pictures of bolywood prominent rather leading fashion icons, these bollywood personalities are copied Hollywood top celebrities.

It is little funny and ridiculous that celebrities who considered hem as perfect fashion icons are copied others. Bollywood fashion girls are copied Hollywood divas, most of time we find them in similar clothes at different events.

Copy someone is always outrageous but it is compulsion to look trendy and gorgeous. Common fashion girls are copied their favorite celebrities, while celebrities are copied those celebrities who are more keen and stunning in their fashion senses. Let’s talk about some those bollywood celebrities who are greatly inspired from bollywood fashion trend and copied their dressing style at different events.

Alia Bhatt copied Jennifer Lawrence:

1 Bollywood Actresses Coping Styles from Hollywood

Dior fashion brand is crush of most of celebrities but it is hard to believe that celebrities select same wearing style in same color accidently. Well here we have our cute and gorgeous Alia Bhatt who is appearing in Dior designed fabulous gown. The same costume is carried by Hollywood beauty Jennifer Lawrence and it is demonstrating that Alia copied style statement OF Jennifer Lawrence.

Deepika Padukone copied Zoe Saldana:

2 Bollywood Actresses Coping Styles from Hollywood (1)

Few years back bollywood beauty queen Deepika and American actress and dancer Zoe Saldana both paraded black transparent gown at different party events.  No doubt that Deepika was looking stunning in this outstanding gown but it was another copied dress of Deepika which has its initial expression in Hollywood.  Deepika has great crush on Hollywood dressing style, she caught in Kate Hudson, Kylie Minogue and Ashley Benson inspired dresses at different celebrating events.

Kareena Kapoor copied Kim Kardashian:

3 Bollywood Actresses Coping Styles from Hollywood (2)

It is hardly believing that bollywood one of top fashion icon Kareena Kapoor copied anyone but this picture is expressing that she has been greatly inspired from Kim Kardashian’s dressing style. Both these fashion celebrities are in body cone black dress which is firstly carried by Kim then Karenna but we would to mention that kareena truly justified the grace of this fashion clothe, Kim can’t compete with her in flaunting this stunning dress because she is looking perfect fashion diva without any flaw.

Kangana Ranaut copied Emma Stone:

4 Bollywood Actresses Coping Styles from Hollywood (3)

Kangana is tremendously inspired from this stunning look of gorgeous Emma Stone. Kangana not only copied her dressing style but also black pumps. Both these celebrities are looking stunning in this Burberry fashion costume. Peplum strapless shirt with sequin midi pencil skirt both these celebrities are enjoyed rocking elegance but at different events.

Kalki Koechlin copied Lady Victoria Hervey:

5 Bollywood Actresses Coping Styles from Hollywood (4)

Lady Victoria Hervey’ statement style has great influence at most of bollywood divas. Along with Deepika, we also caught Kalki Koechlin in stunning dress inspired by Lady Victoria Hervey. Kalki is looking gorgeous in this off white fabulous gown but her hairstyle and fashion accessories are differ from Lady Victoria Hervey. Both these Asian and western celebrities are looking immaculately gorgeous in Gaurav Gupta couture.

Sonam Kapoor copied Hollywood divas:

6 Bollywood Actresses Coping Styles from Hollywood (5) 7 Bollywood Actresses Coping Styles from Hollywood (6)

It is unbelievable that a celebrity who is more known due to her statement style than her acting kill can copy anyone but it is true. Our leading fashionista Sonam Kapoor is enormously inspired by western celebrity’s dressing style. In Christian Dior’ fashion costumes Jennifer Lawrence and Sonam both are looking stunning but it is copied costume of Jennifer tried by Sonam Kapoor. Sonam also appeared in Jennifer Lopez inspired golden Versace costume. But Lopez golden locks and same tone makeup is making her more stunning in this costume than the Sonam Kapoor.

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