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| July 11, 2014

Hamza ali Abbasi in Pyaray Afzal

Hamza Ali Abbasi a conspicuous and ionized name these days and he is well known by his character name Afzal from the drama serial Pyaray Afzal. Afzal is the one and only son of Maulvi SubhanAllah who is surely involved in some bad habits like gambling on cricket and insubordinate son who also sometimes become a source of hurting his parents but anyhow he also has have some positive elements like honesty, to respect girls and specially his wording; which always amazed and bemused us. And yes like all other girls I am also a big fan of him due to his classy hero style and his inspiring dialogues.

Aiza Khan in Drama Pyaray Afzal

Aiza khan is another famous and spotlighted character in Pyarey Afzal by the name Farah, who is deeply loved by Afzal. But I must say she is a stubborn person with roughness in her behavior free from tension of others feelings. Her apathy aggrieve many hearts but she damn care about them. But with the passage of time she starts releasing for what she had done in hurry. But it is right to say that there is no use of crying over spilt milk.

Sana Javed as Lubna in Pyarey Afzal

Lubna is also a promising and applauded character in this drama. Lubna is the role of Farah’s sister who always helps her in every evil or good plan. She is a big supportive role for Farah as well as she is also a best friend of Afzal’ sister Arifa. Lubna also divulge her sister about her feelings towards Afzal as she is deeply interested in him which was not really pleasant fact for Farah.

Molvi SubhanAllah in Pyaray Afzal

And yes here is my favorite character Molvi sahib whose wording and dialogues are always meaningful and inspirational. He has a best art to deliver the dialogues I must say this man is the best choice for his role. I mean Molvi sahib is a wonderful personality with peace in his mind and having calm nature. I just love him in this character.

Saba Hameed in Rukayyah Begum’ character

Rukkayah begum is another fundamental and elementary role in Pyarey Afzal. Who is melted heart mother like all other mothers and is always ready to forgive her dear son Afzal. She is no dought also a versatile actress and has a unique style of acting. She is really amazing and expert in conveying expressions and this skill make her ionized and dominant from others.

Arifa in Pyaray Afzal

Arifa is also important character in this drama as her dialogues and lovable feelings about her brother emerge the relation of brother and sister in really beautiful and dazzling way. She can’t even tolerate any harsh word about her brother and that’s what I love about their relation.

Saba Faisal in Pyarey Afzal

Saba faisal is also playing an elementary role in this drama. She is playing the role of understanding and modern mother of her two girls Farah and Lubna.

Sheryar Zaidi

Sheryar Zaidi is Ibraheem in Pyaray Afzal who is the father of Farah and Lubna and greatly impressed by the Afzal and his family specially Molvi sahib.

Arifa in pyaray afzal

molvi subhanAllah in pyarau afzal

saba faisal in pyaray afzal

Saba Hamedd in Rukayyah Begum’ character

sana javed as lubna in pyaray afzal

sheryar zaidi

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