Celebrities OF Pakistan Who Supports Imran Khan

| August 26, 2014

Our Pakistani Celebrities are also concerning about the political situations and conditions, especially currant situation. Today we are facing political war in which people strongly followed their leader and Pakistani stars are also including in them. So there are some celebs who support PTI and urging others to support him.

1.    Hamza Ali Abbasi

His Facebook status was

“Yes friends….i was there at the Azadi March….because I ,a Pakistani, am as desperate as any of you are to see my beloved country rise up to its true potential…..i look upto and leap forward to any potential leader who in my humble estimation is capable of doing that. I wont try to tell you here who is right and who is wrong but I will tell you is what I saw….beyond the politics and political parties or an agenda…..i saw something that made me realized what We are!…..i saw thousands upon thousands of people of all races, ethnicities, linguistic backgrounds and religions, people who were there and was full of peace and harmony. I saw a NATION in the crowd gathered there….for a country known in the world for chaos and violence, I see it proved It that we are capable of gathering in thousands and remain peaceful and harmonious. I see it proved that we are not a mob…..but we are a nation!!!”

2.   Kashif Mehmood

Kashif Mehmood is a Pakistani screen star who is also seen PTI dharna. Kashif looks quite emotional and patriotic in dharna.

  3.  Mawra Hocane

Yes ofcoarse our cute little star Mawra Hocane is also joining PTI dharna and represents her deep patriotism and strong supporter feeling for Imran Khan. She is there with the face paint of green and red on her face, raising the flag of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf, binding his flag on arm, wearin badge of PTI and specially her feelings express her outfit. If you noticed, then you get to know that she wears Imran khan’s face painted shirt.

4.    Urwa Hocane

Yes: Marwa’s sister Urwa Hocane is also supporting Imran Khan. She is also a television star as an actress and vj. She tweets:

IMRAN KHAN…we are counting on you-may Allah keep you safe and strong and may you do the right thing #naya Pakistan.

5.    Sanam Baloch

Sanam Baloch is another television actress and star of Pakistan who supports Imran Khan and Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf.

6.    Imran Abbas

We see many times Imran Abbas in PTI Dharna in Islamabad. He is one of strong supporters of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf.

7.    Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshad also supports PTI. He also tweets:

Horray kaptaan!!! Electoral Reforms. Accountability and vote tranperancy.

8    Shehzad Roy

Shehzad roy is a famous singer who supports PTI strongly from many years.

9    Jahangir Khan

Jahangir khan also supports PTI.

10    Bilal Lashari

Bilal Lashari also joins PTI to support his leader Imran Khan.

 11. Ibrar ul Haq

Ibrar ul Haq is a very very strong supporter and member of PTI. He is specially called by leader in his dharna.

1 bilal lashari pti supporter

2 Hamza Ali Abbbasi in PTI dharna

3 imran abbas in pti dharna

4 mawra clips

5 ibrar ul haw

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