Celebrities who have Plastic Surgeries but don’t Admit

| April 13, 2016

Stars and artificiality:

Superficiality is trademark of glamorous world. Words, look, facial expressions and reactions all are fake and diplomatic. I don’t think there is hardly any fact that we find about celebrities, there must be some touch of artificiality in their every aspect. Here we are especially concerning with special treachery which often celebrities are made with their looks. We all confess that no one can be perfect in all looks but celebrities are craving for perfection and try to do something risky to cover their imperfections.

Plastic surgery and many other procedure of this kind are enormously common in glamorous word. Celebrities are tried to remove their imperfections and violet the divine limits. They are playing with natural structure of their face. Greatly its bold and risky act but celebrities are undergone the knife in charm of finding all perfect looks. Glamorous stars who find desired results deny admit that they are undergone any kind of knife and those who have horrible results admits and bound to spend their remaining life with awful looks. Here we are mentioning those celebrities who have plastic surgeries but they don’t admit. Despite the clear discrimination in their after and before looks, these celebrities don’t admit and explain their facial changes with as results of different reasons. Let’s discuss some of those glamorous stars who don’t admit he affects of surgery but they actual have.

Angelina jolie:

1 Stars that had Plastic Surgery but they Deny

She is often whispered due to have facelift, Botox and nose job but she continuously deny about these rumors. Her before and after looks are clearly defining her extravagant risky work which she has performed to find such immaculate facial beauty, Despite these facts of surgeries and different procedure which is undergone to find perfect face I must say that she hardly need to bear any kind of risky procedure.

Jennifer Lopez:

2 Stars that had Plastic Surgery but they Deny (1)

Despite Lopaz continuous refuse to take any kind of surgical procedure we can examine her after and before looks which are declaring that she went under the knife to do something better for her nose job. Her lips, nose and cheek bones are more refine than the earlier in her after looks but she does not admit it as consequence of surgery.


3 Stars that had Plastic Surgery but they Deny (2)

Jenni Farley, J-woww did something fix to her breast and she does not shy to shoe off it but she does not divulge any kind of surgical job about her face. Her thin and tight face plumper lips indicates her experience of plastic sugary but she said that if she did such work, she openly admit but she didn’t do any kind of such work and further explained that her thin face is result of her tough diet plan.

Kim Kardashian:

4 Stars that had Plastic Surgery but they Deny (3)


Kardashian denied any kind of plastic sugary included Botox but is rumored that she did everything for her nose job except implant. From a conservative rhinoplasty, her nose formed in more refine and ideal shape but she does not admit it. She proved from different photos and x-rays that her body is all of her own and that is all natural but when we talk about face we find definite change in her look which is result of her surgical experience.

Michael Jackson:

5 Stars that had Plastic Surgery but they Deny (4)

King of pop, Michael Jackson experienced surgical procedure many times. From his teenage to last look, we find certain changes in his facial looks. He admits the rhinoplasty but claimed that her facial shape is changed due to his strict diet and puberty. Change of skin lightening was greatly noticeable by his fans but he explained it as vitiligo. His ever change nose shape also reflects his experiences of surgery.

Lil Kim:

6 Stars that had Plastic Surgery but they Deny (5)


Famous rapper Lil Kim went under the knife for several times to achieve severe tight facial features. In start she denied that she didn’t experience any kind of surgical procedure and blame a blog for photo shopping of her pictures. But its fake justification and intense facelift and nose job are indicated towards her multiple surgical experiences.

Beneficial tip:

before think about the plastic surgery and any kind of experience like that you must take a look of those celebrities who have its worst effects. You must take a view of whole picture. It will not worthy that under the expression of half picture you decide for a surgical procedure. You must know about is while nature first.

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