Chup Raho Episode 12 Review

| November 20, 2014

Chup Raho Episode 12

I think Chup Raho is now going towards the climax. But story of episode 12 is really very amazing, interesting & thrilling. As I told you that Numair was planning to meet with Ramin when she is alone in the home (in the absent of Manal & Azar). But Ramin was forcing her husband Azar to come back at home & see the reality. In this episode, finally Numair comes at home for harassing Ramin but he came with proper planning. He steals her wife’s mobile & sends a message on his own mobile. He writes “Come back home” message from the mobile of Manal. Now Manal (when sitting in car & going towards Azar’s sisters home) feel that she has forgotten her Mobile at home. At the same time, her daughter sees the car of her father Numair that is going back towards the home. Now Manal order her driver to take the car back towards home. On the other hand Ramin also call to Azar. She said him to come back home because she is now alone & Numair will be there soon.

Numair comes, hide her wife Manal’s mobile behind a vase. Now he starts to harass Ramin. At the same time Manal & Azar come at home. Both see that scene. Now Manal & Azar both are showing anger on Numair but Wise Numair play his card of trumpet by showing a message from his mobile to his wife that after receiving your message I came at home & Ramin is telling a lie. But Manal says I never send you any message & she has forget her mobile at home. All found the mobile from the place where Numair kept it. Now Numair said that Ramin send this message to him so that “I came at home”. Manal told all the family members that Ramin is psychologically ill & idealize Numair (it is only Numair who told Manal about this psychologically disease when she discover his button of shirt from washroom).

Manal & Azar do not believe on Ramin that’s why Ramin decided to tell them that Numair raped with her. Now, Manal becomes very angry towards Numair & said that she can live with him anymore. Numair try to satisfy her by saying that her sister Ramin is telling lie. But Manal is thinking how it is possible that her sister tells such a big lie. On the other hand, Azar’s reaction is really much unexpected. He said to Ramin, “why you never told me all this when it happens with you”. He further said to her that “you should tell me about rape may be I never marry to you”.  Ramin try to clear her position but Azar is very angry with her after listening raped news.

Ramin said to all that her mother is the witness of this incident. Manal calls to her mother & said her to come back Karachi as son possible. Now everyone is waiting for Ramin’s & Manal’s mother. When she came & observe the situation that if she speaks truth then Numair will divorced Manal & Azar will never like to live a life with such a girl (who already raped by a man). So, she decided to tell a lie. She told to all that “Ramin is psychologically ill”. She is ill before marriage “I hide this from Azar & his family because I was afraid that no one will marry from such a psychologically ill girl). Ramin is very much disheartened from this situation. Manal is again starts to believe on Numair & Azar change his behavior towards Ramin & becomes very polite. So, this was the review of 12TH episode.

Now questions which arise into our mind are; Weather Ramin’s mother takes a right decision by telling lie or not? Now how Ramin will prove the dual personality of Numair? Will Numair again harass to Ramin or not? Sooner or Later the truth will come on the screen then either Azar will like to live with Ramin who has been raped or not?  Overall, Numair (Syed Jibran) is going best & doing his job of acting very well. His facial appearance is also supporting his character. This is a review from my side. Now what’s your?

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