Chup Raho Episode 13

| November 27, 2014

Chup Raho Review of 13th Episode:

Again this episode is full of new turns. The episode starts from the scene of Ramin’s mother. She is feeling very sorry before God but at the same time Ramin enters into the room & said her mother that “me ap ko maaf karon gi tu khuda ap ko maaf kary ga na”.

But her mother replied that “Aesy such ka kiya faida jis sy ghar toty or yahan tu meri du du bachiyon ky ghar barbaad ho rahy thy”. This shows that Ramin’s mother tell lie only because she wants to save the married life of her both daughters. Now, Ramin said I have one clue about Numair & I am going to tell this to Manal. But her mother stops Ramin but Ramin shouts & Manal comes there.

Manal asks what happened & Ramin again talk about Numair. Ramin wants to tell this clue to Manal. At the same time Numair also comes there. Ramin’s mother is stopping her from doing this & she also said to Numair please hold to Ramin when “Ramin having fits”.

I am shocked when Ramin’s mother said to Numair “hold her”. How she can say to Numair to touch her daughter whom he raped?  Numair also slapped to Ramin & no member of family shows any reaction on this slap. I must say that in this episode Ramin’s mother only tries her best in order to make sure that both Azar & Numair never leave her daughters Ramin & Manal.

Manal is trying to take Ramin to a psychologist but Ramin refused to go. Ramin, in her discussion with her mother, reveals that when a psychologist asks questions from her then she will surely be forced to tell or share each & everything that actually happened with her to the psychologist.

Due to the bad blames of Ramin (these re bad blames according to Manal & Azar only because both are unaware from the reality) Azar & Manal are saying sorry to Numair but Numair is behaving very normally by saying that don’t worry I know that Ramin is Psychologically ill.

At the same time Manal once again talk about “Naila” (daughter of Manal & Numair) but Numair becomes angry on it (Numair! How you can do such horrible things with someone’s daughter when you are also a father of daughter). Azar is driving his car & thinking about the past when Ramin talked with him about the Numair. Now he decided to go back home so that he can talk with Ramin.

Now Manal is going outside from home (may be for some work) & Azar already go to office while Numair is still at home & will go to office after some time. Ramin & her mother are also at home. Now Numair enters into the room of Ramin & said her mother “get out from this room”. Ramin’s mother get out from the room & Numair lock the door form inside.

Once again it is a shocking scene for me because how could Ramin’s mother leave her daughter alone with such a rapist. Ok I can understand she is helpless but when Azar enters into the home & said from Ramin’s mother that he want to meet with Ramin, then Ramin’s mother once again tell  lie by saying to Azar that Ramin is sleeping so don’t disturb her.

I think she should take help from Azar. Ok if she never want to do this then she should knock the door when Azar leave the home & she should said to Numair that Azar is there so now open the door but she keep herself silent & also advise to Ramin “keep silent”.

No one knows that Azar is still at home because he saw that the car of Numair is standing in the porch so according to it Numair is at home. He never go inside from the front entrance instead of it he moves silently plus from the backside of home he go towards Ramin’s room & listen the incomplete talks of Numair & Ramin. Numair said to Ramin “Azar ka khayal rakha karo” & Ramin is saying to Numair “or ap ny jo mery sath ziyadti kit hi” but Numair replied “wo Ziyadti nahi thi mera piyar tha”.

When Azar listen ll this discussion then he becomes very aggressive & shows his aggression during driving. I was thinking that now Azar will go behind Numair & ask from him “why he does this” but he go at his sister’s home & demand 75 lakhs so that he can return the money that he borrowed from Numair & then leave his home.

His sister said to him how she can give such a big amount to him. She advised him stay cool & think & then take a decision. Now Azar go to office & saw that Numair is talking very happily with a client. Azar immediately moves towards the Numair & starts to beat him in anger by saying that why he do this with him.

I feel happy but unfortunately it was only an illusion of Azar. Another surprising point for me is that when every person has a problem with the other then why both families are still living in one home?

I must say that in this episode Sajal Ali done her scenes very well. Her hairstyle, make-over, acting & dialogues delivery all were flawless. I think that now Azar will try to find truth. Hopefully he will be. A change in Ramin’s personality (when she say “ab me chup nahi rahon gi” before her mother) is also telling the viewers that now the truth must come on the surface. Let see what will happen in the next episode. Lastly, I would like to say that credit goes to Samira Fazal for writing such a nice script (although there are some flaws but overall it is a good script with a good plot). Till then Allaha Hafiz!

Chup Raho 13

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