Chup Raho Last Episode Review

| March 11, 2015

Last Episode of Chup Raho

ARY Digital drama Chup Raho finally reached to its conclusion. Yes the 28th episode of this drama was the last episode. The ending of this drama was exactly as we are expecting. Yes, Numair become a psycho person. In this episode, finally, Manal knows the fact that Numair is sending Emails to Ramin from the side of Azar. When Manal come to know this fact then she try to told everything to Ramin about Emails & Azar’s death but Numair harass her & stops her from telling this fact to Ramin.

Numair continuously sends emails to Ramin. He forces Ramin to go to Lahore through Emails. Ramin is totally trapped because of these Emails & ready to go with Numair but at the same time Shiraz reach there & try to stop Ramin. At the same moment Manal gets a chance & she speaks out the truth. Yes, finally, Manal told to Ramin that Azar has died. But once again our Heroine Ramin never believes on this fact.

Ramin continuously try to say that Azar is alive because he sends me e-mail but at the same time Numair makes a mistake & abruptly speaks out about an email. Thanks God our heroin Ramin never miss the moment & asks Numair “how you know that Azar sends me an Email very recently?”. At this moment Ramin show some wisdom. Thank you Ramin for showing this wisdom otherwise I think director & writer both are in mode of dragging this drama more & more. Finally, Numair become a person who is psychologically ill & he tries to say sorry to everyone.

No doubt, he loves his daughter Naila a lot but I must say that he should think about other’s daughter also. He should give respect to the ladies but it’s too late now because he has lost his mind due to the burden of sins that he makes into the past. Ramin reached at Shiraz Home. Yes our Heroin character ends up by marrying with Shiraz. Manal is in hospital & praying for her daughter’s life.

No doubt that this drama is a drama with an unconventional theme & plot but the director & writer fails in order to justify with the character of Ramin. I was expecting that after such great loses & incidents she will appear as a lady of wisdom but to the last episode she was an innocent as n the first episode. Ramin’s character throughout the drama remained confusing because at lots of times I think she will become a strong lady & she will fight against Numair & his harassing activities very bravely & will surely left a moral lesson for victim ladies & for such men who are involved in such activities but nothing special come out from the Pandora box.

At most of times we observed that when it comes to give advice to others then Ramin shows wisdom but when it comes to her own then she depends on other suggestions. She never ever tries to think about herself rationally & sensibly. I think she is the greatest enemy of herself instead of Numair. Whenever Numair watched to Ramin & try to touch her then why Ramin can never understand his intentions? It is an obvious fact that when a person watch you then your sixth sense immediately alerts to you about the other person’s intentions. Furthermore, Ramin lots of times allow Numair to touch here even after Rape. How she can allow him to touch her? It’s really very unbelievable?

One interesting thing that I noticed & of course the viewers who use internet for sending emails will surely noticed it is that Ramin is sending emails to Azar by using MS Word. It’s really interesting.

On the other hand the character of Numair is seemed a little justified because after doing such shameless harassment with Ramin he deserves this ending.  Numair’s character is really very superb from the first episode to the last episode. No need for further discussion because this drama finally ends.

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