Chup Raho Review of Episode 10

| October 31, 2014

Story of Chup Raho Episode 10

This episode begins from a scene when Ramin go into the room for taking some papers of Azar. At the same time Numair comes here & harass Ramin. He admires the shine of her hairs but when the voice of Azar comes from backyard then he leave her & went away. Ramin is very much afraid from this situation. She calls her mother & requests from her that she should come back as soon as it is possible for her. On the other hand she told that her relatives are insisting her lot in order to stay more & more. It all is only because of the money which is offered by Numair. Numair want, that his mother-in-law never come back Karachi for protecting Ramin.

We further saw that Ramin & Azar both are planning to go into a wedding party but when Numair saw Ramin in a saree (according to Numair she is looking really very beautiful) then immediately think a plan & said Azar that Ramin is not ready until (on the other hand Ramin was ready) & almost half n hour is required for make-over. Numair further talk about a business file that he want to transfer immediately at a specific place. Firstly Numair said that almost 15 to 20 min are required for transferring this file but he never wants to spoil the plan of Azar then he said that this task is also very necessary & so he will try to manage his own but Azar said that I will do it, give me the file & tell me the address. He makes this plan because Numair’s wife Manal is also going on a social party. But when Ramin come to know that Numair has sent Azar & her sixth sense alert her. Ramin requests her sister not to go on party because she is alone but Manal replies that Numair is at home so don’t worry & Azar will also come soon. Manal said that don’t afraid from Numair because he is your brother but Ramin replies “bhai jesa hy bhai tu nahi hy”. Manal shows anger on it but later Manal agrees & cancels her plan to go on a party. When Numair come to know that Manal is not going on Party then he become antagonistic inner because his plan fails.

In the Sunday morning when all family members were sitting around the dining table & having their breakfast then Manal tanks to Ramin because according to Manal it is only because of Ramin that She (Manal) spends a good time with her husband (Numair) after a long time. Manal told about a candle night dinner & coffee with Numair. But Numair leaves the table by saying he have completed his breakfast. Soon Azar & Manal also leave the dining table. Ramin go into the washroom for washing hands but when Numair saw her into the washroom from his library then he immediately come before her, enter into the washroom & close the door. He once again harasses her. Ramin try to protect herself, in this course a button of Numair’s shirt broke & fell on the floor. Numair warn Ramin that don’t become so much complex. We saw that at the same time Manal come back & search Ramin but when she saw the door of washroom which is close she think that Ramin is in the Washroom. She knocks the door & call Ramin to come out. Numair put her hands on the mouth of Ramin so that she can never shout. When Manal go back then he leaves the washroom, Ramin immediately come out & try to go into her room. When Ramin reach on the second floor then her sister Manal ask why she is so afraid. Is she seen a ghost into the washroom? Manal said that there is nothing in the washroom.

We saw that Manal also found the button of a shirt from the floor of washroom & thinks whether Ramin is alone in the washroom or someone also with her? We saw that Numair told her wife Manal that Ramin start to like him & when he was in washroom then Ramin come before him. Here Numair play his trumpet card & try to build a wall between both sisters. He also wants to assure his wife that he is right & Ramin is wrong. In the last when Azar said to Ramin to bring a glass of water then Ramin never want to go but Azar said that she should never afraid. So Ramin go but at the same time Numair comes there. Let see what happened in the next episode whether Azar or Manal both will see Ramin with Numair or not?  Now what’s going on in Numair’s min? Wait for the next episode that will also full of twists & turns.

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