Chup Raho Review of Episode 11

| November 13, 2014

Chup Raho Episode 11

ARY Drama “Chup Raho” is going best. The 11th episode of this drama is again full of twists & turns. The best thing is a change in Ramin’s personality. In this episode we feel that she become brave & dare. Samira Fazal writes this story very brilliantly. All actors & actresses are doing their jobs very well including a new comer Feroz Khan (Azar). Syed Jibran (Numair) & Sajjal Ali (Ramin) both are doing very well.

In this episode, the first scene starts when Ramin go into Kitchen for taking water but at the same time Numair comes there & harassed her. But she shows courage, throws the glass on floor & call Azar for help. Before the arrival of Azar, Numair goes away. When Azar comes then, Ramin said him that the glass of water slips from my hand so now you help me. She never told about the Numair’s harassment. All this shows a sudden change in Ramin’s personality. It all because of Azar, according to Ramin now Azar starts to believe her plus Ramin’s faith on God is becoming stronger.

Numair is trying his best in order to allure Azar & Tai Jee by offering money. Numair give money to Azar for buying a car, but at start Azar refuse from taking it but wise Numair trap Azar very easily. On the other hand, Numair is offering lot of money to Tai Jee so that she can stop Ramin’s mother more & more from coming Karachi.

Ramin is unhappy & worried because Azar is taking debt from Numair. When Ramin go with Azar at his sister’s home then she shows her worry before Azar’s sisters & said her that “My relationship with Manal & Numair is very sensitive so it is better for me & Azar not to take debt from them” she further said that “we feel pleasure in taking dent from you”. Azar’s sister understands her & said her that I will take from husband. Then Azar’s sister gives a cheque to Azar so that they can give the debt of Numair as soon as it is possible.

On the other hand, Manal is talking with her husband that why he is giving too much money to Azar. She further shows her insecurities about whether Azar will be able to return this debt or not/ at the same time Azar come there & give cheque. But Numair refuse from taking this check by showing his anger. Numair said to Azar that he considers him as his brother & Ramin is trying to break their brothers-like relationship. Azar feel ashamed on it & Manal also say sorry to Numair. In Anger, Azar destroy this cheque. Now Numair said to Manal that she should go to Azar’s Sister home & during talk tell her that there is no problem between Azar & Numair.

When Azar tell everything to Ramin then Ramin understand the plan of Numair. According to Ramin, Numair is actually making a plan by sending his wife Manal on Azar’s Sister home & by sending Azar on working site. Ramin expose this plan before Azar but Azar never believe on her. But Ramin insists him that “Azar you are not going on Site in the morning, when Manal Appi go at your sister’s home then you will come back home because I am sure that Numair will come at home when I am alone”. On insisting Ramin, Azar said that “I will come”. Now let see what will happen in the next episode whether Ramin will prove that dual personality of Numair or not?

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Chup Raho Episode

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