Chup Raho Review of Episode 14

| December 3, 2014

14th Episode of Chup Raho

I was thinking that some interesting things will happen in the 14th episode but unfortunately I was again all about Numair’s cleverness.  Numair is playing his game very safely. He is pretty wise & tackles with any kind of situation very beautifully. I like his acting & good portrayal of Numair’s character by him. The one prominent thing that occurs in this episode is the bad health of Ramin’s mother. She is hospitalized now. I am feeling very bad for this mother.

In 14th episode, Azar misunderstands the talk of Ramin & Numair that he listened in the previous episode. Azar is thinking that Ramin is engage with Numair & his mother-in-law is also supporting Ramin & Numair because when Azar came at home & want to meet Ramin then his mother-in-law tell a lie that she was sleeping while in actual Azar saw that Rameen was with Numair in the room & her mother was standing as guard. Azar is showing his anger by taunting Numair & his mother-in-law. Now Azar is suspecting his wife & Numair. Finally, Azar express his anger & beat Rameen (when she was applying lipstick on her lips in the washroom). Once again, Ramin’s mother said to her that wash you face & don’t told all this to Manal but at the same time Manal enters into the room & saw the face of Ramin. She immediately goes to Azar so that she can ask from him “why he beats her sister”. Now, Azar told her each & everything”. Manal & Azar both come to know that Ramin is not psychologically ill. Furthermore, Manal is thinking that Ramin likes Numair & she is trying to trap her husband. Suddenly, Manal’s behavior changed towards her sister & mother. She said her sister “left my home right now” but when Numair comes to know this entire situation then he said his wife “stop them otherwise I have to fire Azar from job”.  Now Manal talk to Azar & stops them from going. Numair once again try to wash the brain of Azar. Numair is too brilliant in brain washing technique because he knows very well when to talk & when not. Azar is still confused.

Ramin’s mother is again trying her best in order to settle all things but I think instead of settlement each & everything is becoming worse.  Ramin’s mother once again forces Ramin to apply lipstick on her lips & sit with Azar on the eating table but Ramin refused by saying that ‘Azar beats me only because of lipstick & he never likes if I sit before Numair”. Manal come in the room of Ramin & orders her that “now you will never come before Numair & spend your most of time in your own room”. Manal & Ramin are showing bitter behavior towards their mother, same behavior is shown towards Azar. Suddenly, Ramin’s mother feels faintness & fell down. I think, it is an attack of paralyses because she is unable to move.

I am shocked from s sudden change in Manal’s personality. She is never staying with her mother in the hospital. When Manal said to her husband “Upper Allaha hy or Neechy Ap” it means that she blindly believes on her husband. The belief of Manal on Numair, is actually providing an extra confidence to Numair.

Now, once again Numair try to harass Rameen, when he takes some food to hospital but before going to hospital he said to Azar that “Ramin is calling me because she needs food”. Again Numair is playing safely. But in hospital Ramin protect herself very courageously. She attack on Numair with her hands, nails & she also shouts with a knife in her hand. Numair afraid & go away soon. I am thinking that when everyone is unhappy from Ramin then why she is living with such people? She can left this home & go into a shelter home? I am thinking that some big & surprising must happen in the upcoming episodes. Let’s wait.

Chup Raho 14

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