Chup Raho Review of Episode 16 & 17, Ramin Lost her Mother, Numair’s another interesting Strategy

| December 24, 2014

Review of Chup Raho Episode 16 & 17:

As We all know that “Chup Raho” is basically a story that is based on the life of a woman (Ramin) who is violated & harassed by her own brother-in-law. She never got any kind of support from her family. The people who know the fact usually force her to keep quiet. We know that, now Ramin is living in servant quarter. Numair tries to force Azar that “you should not take care of Ramin because she never takes care of you. He further tells a lie with Azar that “Ramin is talking with other men on mobile so you should also try to make some relations with other girl so that Ramin get a lesson from it”.

When Azar go to meet with Ramin in Servant Quarter then “he heard that she is talking with someone on mobile”. He listens only the last half conversation Ramin while in actual Ramin calls in Hospital so that she can ask about her mother’s health. Now, Azar is moving on a wrong path, he starts drinking, he is engaging himself with other girls. Due to intoxicate, he once again abuse & violate Ramin then he misbehaves with Manal too.

In the early morning when a female servant go into Ramin’s room then she call to Manal by saying “mat be Ramin died” but when Manal comes then she finds out the Ramin is only in faint condition (because Azar beat her). Manal bring first aid box & try to bandage Ramin’s wound. She tries to talk with Ramin politely but Ramin said that “she will never confess a thing for which she is not responsible”.  On this Manal becomes angry & takes her sister Ramin to the Hospital so that she can talk before her mother but Ramin refused to go inside because according to Ramin “our mother is not well so we should never try to disturb her”.

But Manal force to Ramin but Ramin said “ok I will go with you inside the room but if something bad happen with my mother then you will responsible for it” & then Manal takes her into the room. Manal express all that is filled into her mind against her sister Ramin & before her mother.  After showing her all angriness when Manal comes back at home with Ramin, soon Ramin receives a call from Hospital & she find out that “she has lost her mother”.

Ramin show all her anger on her sister Manal, Numaoir & Azar. She is considering that all these are responsible for her mother’s death. On the other Hand Azar discuss with her sister that “now I never want to live with Ramin anymore”. Her sister suggest him that “if you never like her & never want to live with her then you should give divorce to her”. Once again Numair said to Manal that I will talk with Ramin.

He goes into the quarter & close the Door & try to harass Ramin but this time Ramin face him boldly & throw spay on his eyes. On this Azar show his anger on Ramin by saying that “why you do this with Numair bhai?”. This is point from where a long disputes starts & Ramin said to Azar “when you can never protect me then why I live with you?”. Azar said to Ramin “I will divorce you”. On this Ramin said that “tum kya mujhy talaq do gy me tumhy talaq deti hun”.

Ramin decided that “now I will never live in this home”. Numair said to Ramin that “go away now” but Ramin said “I will go early in the morning” but all family members (Azar, Manal & Numair) force to Ramin “go away now” but Ramin beg from Manal that “let me stay only for one night then I will go away” but no one listen her anymore & close the door of the home by leaving her alone on the road.

Ramin knocked door for a long time but no one open the door then she knocks the door of neighbors but they also said to her “say sorry to Numair & go back” (because Numair give an idea to Manal that call all the neighbors & say to them that “Ramin stole something from home that’s why Numair is angry with her so don’t open your doors for her in this way she will realize her mistake & say sorry to Numair”.

As usually, Manal acts on her husband’s instructions. Now Ramin is walking along on the road soon she saw some boys in a car who follow her so she hide herself may be in a park. She spends all night there. Early in the morning some road sweepers, milk-man, a female servant saw her. She said that “ye to Ramin bibi hy Manal bibi ki behn”.

They go towards her & Milk-man offer some milk to her. Ramin said that “I will never go back home & if I go on my Taya’s home then he would send her back”. On the other hand the people who are sitting before her among these no one is ready to take her with himself/herself because each has its own issue. One of them suggests that “there is girl’s hostel so you can go there”. Now Ramin will go in hostel. When she was going with them soon she saw that Numair, Azar & Manal are finding her. She hides herself & they go back to the other side.

Let see now what new will come from this Pandora box? I think the drama is moving towards end. The preview of the next episode is bit interesting as compared to the previous episodes. So don’t forget to read the next episode review.

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