Chup Raho Review of Episode 19

| January 8, 2015

19th Episode of Chup Raho

In this episode, finally Numair comes to know that Azar is not suitable for his business because he has engaged in driking & smoking habits. Azar has ruined Numair’s business. Numair is facing a great loss in his business only because of Azar. When Manal said to Numair that I want to clean the room of Azar “So, can you please open the door by using duplicate key?”. Then Namair opens the door & see that there are empty bottles everywhere, these bottles smell very bad.

He immediately comes to know that Azar has engaged in drinking habit. When Azar came at home then Numair starts to beat. Numair is very upset from this situation. After thrusting Ramin out of his home, Numair also throw Azar out of his home because now there is no reason of staying at this home with Manal & Numair.

On the other hand, Zarina is continuously trying to trap Ramin. She brings a pant shirt for Ramin. She said to Ramin that “I work in a factory from 12 to 5 am, let’s go into factory & in this way you can meet with my friends”. Ramin resist from wearing these clothes & she also refuse to go with Zarina into factory late at night. But Zarina insists her and then Zarina said to Ramin “I will take permission for you from Wardon”. Zarina go into the garden & after sometime she come back in the room & said to Ramin “Wardon has allowed you to go with me”.

Now Ramin go with Zarina. Both are walking on the road late at night, at the same time Ramin finds out that Azar is walking on the road. She goes towards Azar but Azar once again talk with Ramin very bitterly. He said to Ramin “tum aik gathiya aurat ho”. He comments on her clothing & existence on road at this time. Ramin very hurt from this conversation. She runs away from the road towards the Hostel. Zarina’s plan also fails.

When Ramin was sitting on a bench into the garden of the hostel & talk with Zarina then Ramin told her about the past. Ramin said to her that “Allah is very merciful on his creatures” then it seems as this line touches the heart of the Zarina. This time, I think may be Zarina will change & say sorry for all her bad deeds before God but the preview of the next episode breaks my all thoughts like a mirror.

Azar is now living on her sister’s home. Azar go at her Sister’s home at late night but after sometime we find out that Azar, his sister & brother-in-law are having their dinner. Do they dine at 12 am or 1 am? I think it a fault from the side of director. When Azar meets with Ramin on the road then I think it was about 12 o’clock & at late night Azar enters in to her sister’s home.

Another fault of direction is that when Ramin is talking with Wardon on the stairs & Zarina is smoking at the doorstep of a room & this room is very close to the stairs then why Wardon & Ramin cannot smell the Smoke of cigarette. When is talk with Wardon then both Wardon & Ramin comes to know that Zarina tell a lie not only with Wardon but also with Ramin because Zarina never takes any kind of permission from Wardon. Zarina is listening talks of Ramin & Wardon. The drama ends here. The preview of the next episode is very interesting. Let’s wait & watch!

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